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iNX for Small Businesses

Since 2003 iNX Corporation has been the industry leader in janitorial cleaning services for small businesses in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Ventura County, Riverside County and San Bernardino County.


Small businesses, whether in a stand-alone building or as a single occupant in multi-tenant environment, often require quality janitorial service, but don’t often get it. iNX provides service on a competitive basis and is able to meet the demands of small businesses by carefully pairing specialized staffing to each small-business environment.

Small Offices

iNX Cleaning for Small Businesses – When you’re busy running a small business, the last thing you want to think about is cleaning your building. Let iNX handle it for you.

Small businesses sometimes struggle to find the right janitorial services. With a small facility, your demands are far different from a bigger facility, which might employ huge teams of janitors every day. Small businesses need a smaller team to do their cleaning, but that doesn’t mean that cleaning services are any less important to small businesses. Whether you’re a small retail store, an office, or anything else, your facility represents your business; so you want it to look great at all times.

iNX can meet the demands of small businesses. We carefully pair the right staff to each small-business environment. No matter your needs, we can match you up with the best cleaning crew for the job.

We’ll Clean Your Building Inside and Out

iNX offers the kind of comprehensive services that your small business needs. From floor and carpet programs, to window washing and exterior pressure washing we are there. We can provide services that make a difference in your day-to-day work experience. With a beautiful, clean facility, you not only have a better working environment, but everyone who visits your building will be impressed with the neatness and tidiness of your work space. When your facility looks great, you’ll have no problem growing your business and launching it into success!

Choose From a Wide Range of Cleaning Services

Here are some of the small business’s cleaning options we offer:
• Dusting
• Computer cleaning
• Blind cleaning
• Hard surface floor care
• Vacuuming and steam cleaning for carpets
• Wall washing
• Window washing
• Kitchen & break room services
• Matting programs
• Parking lot sweeping and cleaning
• Pressure washing (exterior and interior)
• Restroom sanitation
• Special event services
• Supply management for restrooms etc.
• Upholstery cleaning
• Construction cleanup
• Emergency cleaning services

We’ll Grow Along With You

As your small business grows, your cleaning needs will probably change. Don’t worry—we are always willing to customize our services so they continue to fit your changing needs.

Customized Cleaning for Small Businesses

Small businesses come in all shapes and sizes, and cleaning needs are different for each one. That’s why we don’t have a one size fits all cleaning strategy. We’ll work with you to figure out your cleaning needs and put together a strategy that works for you. You can click here to Customize your Cleaning today!

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