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iNX is focused on problem solving and thinking outside the box. We want to handle all your cleaning needs and take the worry and stress off your shoulders. Our Customer HUB helps us deliver the quality service and customer care that you need! Every iNX client will be provided with an online-based customer account that will help you communicate with us quickly and easily, and it’s a one-stop-shop where you can do everything at once: track your services, billing, supply management, and more.


Why iNX Created the Customer HUB

The central figure in our operations is our dedicated team of Account Managers. Your account manager is capable of answering every question, from service to billing. They will coordinate all requests for service or supplies, and see that any issues are resolved to your satisfaction. iNX was designed around the account manager role.

We Keep Everyone Informed

When you deal directly with your account manager, you can be sure that everyone involved is kept in the loop. Our systems automatically link managers, supervisors and staff so everyone is on the same page. The iNX account management HUB allows us to track even the smallest issues to completion.

We’re Committed to Your Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our top priority at iNX. There are a lot of other cleaning companies out there, but few provide the level of quality customer care that we make sure to provide at iNX. We want all our clients to feel that they can contact us at any time and let us know of any issues or concerns, and we will take immediate action to resolve any issues that you may have.

You Work Directly with Senior Management

We believe it’s very important for our clients to have regular contact with more than just the cleaning crews. It’s our job to help you communicate with the cleaning crews and ensure that they’re working up to your standards and providing continued satisfaction.

The iNX HUB reports directly to our Chief Customer Officer, who is responsible for the integrity of our customer data and the satisfaction level of our clients. Our HUB is independent from both our franchise operators and our branch management. At iNX, when customers communicate with their account manager, they are dealing directly with senior management. Our team of devoted and experienced managers is committed to providing you with high quality cleaning services and great customer care.

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