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Sick Patients Getting Sicker?

by Hayley Parker | 19 September, 2018 6:00am

Are Your Dirty Waiting Rooms & Exam Rooms Turning Away Patients? Medical cleaning services let your patients know you take their health seriously. A first impression is always important. But, for a medical office, hospital or clinic, it’s even more so. Patients come seeking medical treatments for ailments and illnesses. And, a dirty facility is […]


Tired of Overpaying?

by Hayley Parker | 12 September, 2018 6:00am

Are you paying a good amount for your janitorial services but are failing to see what that money gets you? You care about your business, so you know that good cleaning and janitorial services do not come cheap. But, when the work is consistently inconsistent in its quality, you may start to wonder if you’re […]


Don’t Neglect Fall Cleaning

by Hayley Parker | 5 September, 2018 8:06am

Unsure What Cleaning Services Your Business Needs with the Changes in Weather? You should be able to rely on your professional janitorial company. But, too many times, they will let you down when services don’t adjust throughout the year. With the changing seasons come entirely different needs for cleaning and maintaining your business. Any professional […]


Getting Quotes via Phone?

by Hayley Parker | 29 August, 2018 6:00am

Is Your Provider Lacking Consistency & Process? Poor services can stem from the buying process! This is the fourth time you have called your janitorial company to complain about an unfinished job. Whether it is because supplies were left to be stocked by the employees the next day, the carpets were left grimy, or the […]


Tired of Your Dirty Building?

by Hayley Parker | 22 August, 2018 6:00am

Are You Disgusted with the Filthiness of Your Building’s Exterior & Surrounding Areas? iNX Building Maintenance can take care of the dirt & grime that sticks to your building. Your business buildings are important to your business. The exterior of your building can send a message to customers and potential customers alike. Biological growth, such […]


Dealing with Multiple Vendors?

by Hayley Parker | 15 August, 2018 6:00am

Are You Tired of Dealing with Multiple Vendors for Cleaning & Building Maintenance? Cleaning and janitorial services should be covered by one company; if they’re not, you could end up paying way more than you need to. Do the carpet cleaners come on Monday or Tuesday? What about the window washers? What about the janitors? […]


Don’t Settle for Poor Service

by Hayley Parker | 8 August, 2018 6:00am

Are You Frustrated with Paying for Poor Quality Janitorial Services? Poor quality janitorial services can leave you sick to your stomach for more than one reason. You have better things to do than spend hours of your work week playing phone tag with a janitorial services company that can’t seem to buff a floor right […]


How Do I Choose Janitorial?

by Hayley Parker | 2 August, 2018 8:18am

Not Sure Where to Begin When Selecting a Janitorial Provider? Choosing the right office building cleaning services can be challenging. Too often, choosing office building cleaning services gets tagged onto a certain job description. Human resources, administration, office managers, and facility managers are some examples of people who have been tasked with finding the right […]


Stop Managing, Focus on Work

by Hayley Parker | 25 July, 2018 6:00am

Are You Tired of Managing In-House Cleaning Staff in Your Medical Office? Medical office cleaning can help professionals focus on what matters most: the health of the patients. Many medical offices end up cleaning their own offices and rooms because they know the sanitation of the premises is incredibly important, and many typical medical office […]


Spike in Employee Complaints?

by Hayley Parker | 18 July, 2018 1:28pm

Is Your Uneven Janitorial Coverage Causing a Spike in Employee Complaints? Effective janitorial services can help keep the peace in 24/7 businesses Janitorial services are much more than just wiping down counters and sweeping floors, especially in a business where you have multiple shifts all day and night. If you only have day porter services, […]


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