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Promised & Under Delivered

by Hayley Parker | 23 May, 2018 6:00am

What if My Service Provider Doesn’t Do It All? Are you unhappy with your commercial cleaning provider because they don’t do all the things you thought they would do before signing the contract? You may not know it, but it happens a lot. Not just in the cleaning business, but in every business. It could […]


Evaluating Inconsistent Service

by Hayley Parker | 16 May, 2018 6:00am

Are You Experiencing Roller Coaster Service? Are you or have you been a victim of a roller coaster service by your commercial cleaning service provider? First, let’s explore what that means, although you’ve probably made a good guess by now. It refers to what a roller coaster ride is like — sometimes fast and sometimes […]


Be Sure to Dress to Impress

by iNX Corp | 9 May, 2018 6:00am

Poor Appearance, No Uniforms – No Bueno! How would you feel if you walked into the corporate office of a not-so-well-known company and found shabbily dressed employees exhibiting their tattooed arms and waistlines? Even without wanting to be judgmental, you will have a mixture of feelings ranging from grudging approval to outright disapproval. But, one […]


Bowling for Books Update

by iNX Corp | 2 May, 2018 2:02pm

Bowling for Books 2018, Huge Success! As recently mentioned in a previous post, iNX Building Maintenance Solutions took part in the 10th annual Bowling for Books Scholarship fundraiser hosted by CSULB. This exciting event brought together students, staff, sponsors, faculty, and friends for a night of bowling, tasty food and drinks to raise money for […]


9-1-1, Cleaning Emergency!!

by Hayley Parker | 2 May, 2018 6:00am

When You Have an Emergency, is Your Provider Responsive? Any time you need us, we are just a phone call away. You must be familiar with this line. It is one of the most widely used sales pitches around the world. You can hear salespeople and company representatives say it all the time until you […]


Untrained Cleaners: A Problem

by Hayley Parker | 25 April, 2018 6:00am

Untrained and/or Unsupervised Staff Are They Breaking Things? Not Cleaning Things Correctly? Many business organizations view staff training as an expense that they could do without rather than as an investment. These same organizations also tend to allow their staff to work unsupervised. Clearly, their focus is on cutting costs. If your company is one […]


Keep Customers Rolling In

by Hayley Parker | 18 April, 2018 6:00am

Keep Customers Coming Back with Commercial Cleaning Have you ever walked into someone’s office and felt impressed by its cleanliness and neatness? The entire place makes you feel welcome and makes you feel good about yourself and the owners of the office. You will find yourself admiring their professionalism and work ethics, and guessing their […]


Do You Have Time to Spare?

by Hayley Parker | 13 April, 2018 8:00am

Bowling for Books- Join Us! On Friday, April 20, 2018, iNX Building Maintenance will be participating in the Bowling for Books Scholarship Fundraiser hosted by CSULB for the fourth year in a row! This event brings together students, faculty, staff, and the corporate community to raise dollars in support of CSULB student textbook scholarships. The […]


Cleaning Isn’t All About Looks

by Hayley Parker | 11 April, 2018 6:00am

Go Above & Beyond a Clean Appearance Are you looking for a good and reliable commercial janitorial company for your office? By now, probably don’t need to be told how outsourcing your office cleaning can be much more advantageous than having in-house cleaners on the payroll. From dusting to air vent cleaning and vacuuming to […]


It’s Time to Outsource

by Hayley Parker | 4 April, 2018 6:00am

How to Know It’s Time to Outsource Your Office Cleaning A neat and clean office is essential for a healthy and productive working environment. If your office is larger than a single room, you probably have at least one full-time or part-time cleaner to do all the sweeping, dusting, and disposing of trash. Janitors may […]


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