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Lobby Driving Away Guests?

by Hayley Parker | 11 July, 2018 6:00am

Is Your Dirty Lobby Turning Away Customers? Janitorial Cleaning Services Can Save Face with New & Potential Customers A customer’s first impression of your business is how you maintain and keep your lobby. And, without exceptional janitorial cleaning services, it could leave him or her with an unwelcoming feeling. No one wants to sit in […]


Fed Up with Dirty Desks?

by Hayley Parker | 4 July, 2018 6:00am

Are You Fed Up with Working at a Dusty, Filthy Desk? Office janitorial services can offer so much more than just a clean keyboard. A dirty workplace for your employees can lead to feelings of being undervalued, low morale, and overall negativity. Dust, dirt, and allergens cling to everything and can cause respiratory issues in […]


Embarrassing Dirty Business?

by Hayley Parker | 27 June, 2018 6:00am

Are you Embarrassed by the Decline in Cleanliness Throughout Work Hours? As the end of the day approaches, the bathroom becomes depleted of toilet paper, and, then, paper towels. And, now, the soap has run out. Customers and employees alike are consistently calling the front desk to report a shortage or mess that needs to […]


Tired of Dirty Carpets?

by Hayley Parker | 20 June, 2018 6:00am

Are You Tired of Dirty & Ugly Carpets in Your Facility? Imagine This You walk into an office building or a business feeling hopeful that they can solve your problems with their goods or services. You pass through the entry way and instantly notice that it just isn’t very clean. There is dust all over […]


5 Steps for Choosing Cleaning

by Hayley Parker | 13 June, 2018 6:00am

One Less Challenge for Property Managers – Get the Right Cleaning Service As a property manager, one of the most important considerations you must make is the research, interview, and selection of the best office building cleaning services your budget allows for. There are hundreds of cleaning companies available, and choosing an experienced and reputable […]


Why Am I Always Sick?

by Hayley Parker | 6 June, 2018 6:00am

Are Germs in Your Office Making You Sick? Are the germs in your office making you sick? If your answer is frequently or sometimes, then you seriously need to do something about it. Even if it’s only once in a while, you may not be paying adequate attention to cleanliness and hygiene in the office. […]


Dirty Medical Office=DISASTER

by Hayley Parker | 30 May, 2018 8:01am

Why an Unclean Medical Office Can Spell Disaster for Your Practice There are several ways in which an unclean medical office can spell disaster for your practice. Not using the services of a trustworthy professional cleaning company puts your practice at risk. Let’s look at a few of these potential issues. A Doctor’s Reputation How […]


Promised & Under Delivered

by Hayley Parker | 23 May, 2018 6:00am

What if My Service Provider Doesn’t Do It All? Are you unhappy with your commercial cleaning provider because they don’t do all the things you thought they would do before signing the contract? You may not know it, but it happens a lot. Not just in the cleaning business, but in every business. It could […]


Evaluating Inconsistent Service

by Hayley Parker | 16 May, 2018 6:00am

Are You Experiencing Roller Coaster Service? Are you or have you been a victim of a roller coaster service by your commercial cleaning service provider? First, let’s explore what that means, although you’ve probably made a good guess by now. It refers to what a roller coaster ride is like — sometimes fast and sometimes […]


Be Sure to Dress to Impress

by iNX Corp | 9 May, 2018 6:00am

Poor Appearance, No Uniforms – No Bueno! How would you feel if you walked into the corporate office of a not-so-well-known company and found shabbily dressed employees exhibiting their tattooed arms and waistlines? Even without wanting to be judgmental, you will have a mixture of feelings ranging from grudging approval to outright disapproval. But, one […]


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