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Carpet Cleaning Services Los Angeles

Since 2003 iNX Corporation has been the industry leader in professional commercial and industrial carpet cleaning services in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Ventura County, Riverside County and San Bernardino County.


With the systems provided by iNX Building Maintenance Solutions, your facility will have great looking, safe, and long lasting carpeted floors. Our professional carpet cleaning team knows the unique needs of different styles of carpeting, and we’ll help extend the longevity of your floors while keeping them fresh and clean.

As-Needed or In Contract

Whether you need floor care services on a regular basis or you’d rather operate on an as-needed basis, iNX is happy to provide the carpet care solutions tailored to your needs.

Carpet Cleaning Programs

High-Traffic Carpet CleaningOffice Carpet Care

The high-traffic areas of your building, like entrances and hallways, get the dirtiest fastest. We can come in regularly and clean only the high-traffic areas.

Full-Facility Carpet Cleaning

Even the low-traffic areas need carpet care. We’ll set up a schedule that works for your needs.

Carpet Extraction, Bonneting, and Hybrid

Depending on your carpet style and how dirty it is, you will need different carpet cleaning methods. We offer hot water extraction (also called steam cleaning), bonneting (a special scrubbing method for very dirty carpets), and hybrid services. Our staff will assist you to determine the right cleaning method and equipment for your carpet’s particular needs. We only use well-maintained, high-quality equipment to ensure the longevity and cleanliness of your carpeted flooring.

Dry-Chemical Carpet Cleaning

Conserve water by getting your carpets dry-cleaned with iNX’s eco-friendly carpet cleaning equipment.

iNX Carpet Care Process

We’ve developed a carpet care process that gives you the best quality maintenance with the least amount of hassle and stress.

Dependable Calendared Services

When you schedule carpet services with iNX, you’ll know when your next carpet and floor care will be performed. We use a calendar system for all periodic services, with automated notices in advance, and follow-up all services with notice of completion.


We use professional equipment for scrubbing, stripping, applying finish, and all of our other floor care options. Our equipment both conserves water and resources, and produces superior results. Because having the right tools for the job makes a difference.


Our floor and carpet crew are all trained, tested and certified. We’ll only send experienced, well-trained floor experts to your facility.

Customized Floor Care

Every industry and every building has different requirements. Most of all, iNX will work to come up with a carpet care solution that’s customized to your unique needs.


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