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Since 2003 iNX Corporation has been the industry leader in professional commercial pressure washing services in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Ventura County, Riverside County and San Bernardino County.


How can you keep your building looking attractive and clean both inside and out? Pressure washing is a great solution that can take your building’s appearance to the next level!

At iNX, all pressure washing systems are eco-friendly while giving your property excellent results. We work with schools, restaurants, small businesses, office buildings, retail locations, and more, providing a clean and attractive exterior to make a great first impression on everyone who passes by or visits the facility!

Areas that May Require Pressure Washing:


  • Walkways/Driveways/Sidewalks Concrete Power Wash
  • Parking Spaces/Lots
  • Brick/Block/Stone Walls/Storefronts
  • Warehouse & Garage Floors
  • Loading Docks
  • Dumpster Areas
  • Playground Areas

Calendared Services

Tell us how often and we’ll calendar service for you. We use a calendaring system for all periodic services, send out automated notices in advance, and follow-up all services with notice of completion. We won’t leave you guessing.


We use professional equipment for all pressure washing jobs. At iNX, we make sure all our tools and equipment are up to date and well maintained, because having the right tools for the job make a big difference in the quality of work. To ensure drought friendliness and an effective clean, our equipment conserves water and resources yet still produces superior results.


Our pressure washing crews are all trained, tested and certified.

Latest in Pressure Washing Technology

iNX uses the latest in hot and cold water pressure washing equipment, and eco-friendly water recovery systems.
We keep our equipment updated and are current on pressure washing technology and techniques to bring you the best service.

Eco Friendly Power Washing Techniques

We clean while protecting the environment from wash water runoff and complying with all governmental storm drain regulations in accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency in an economical efficient manner. This gives your property the best pressure washing available while also being environmentally responsible.

Industries Served

We work with all types of businesses, including construction, property management, commercial real estate, renovation, and disaster recovery.

Customized Cleaning Solutions

iNX offers annual, quarterly, and monthly pressure washing programs. Depending on the material, color, amount of traffic, and many other factors, different buildings may require pressure washing more frequently or less frequently, so we offer customized solutions tailored to your business. Call us today or Customize your Cleaning to find out what pressure washing services we can provide you with and let us give you a free estimate.

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