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What You Don’t Know About Janitorial Pricing Could Cost You!

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One of the biggest challenges in selecting or evaluating a janitorial cleaning services company is comparing prices. If you shop around and ask a few companies for prices, you’ll end up with different quotes and services. It’s one of the more challenging services to compare. Each company will use a unique format for its quotes and it’s extremely difficult to compare them side by side. Because they differ so dramatically, one is not able to compare apples to apples.

Why is Janitorial Services Pricing So Difficult to Evaluate?

Purchasing a product is relatively simple. You get the item’s basic specifications and features and compare prices to similar products. Services are more challenging. Janitorial cleaning services’ quotes are particularly difficult because there are multiple variables from you and the janitorial services company. No two buildings are the same and no two clients have the same requirements. Even if two buildings are identical, the cleaning requirements of one could be radically different from the other.

Some of the factors that will affect the janitorial services’ quote include:

  • The size (square feet)
  • Floor surfaces, such as carpet, tile, wood, concrete (also broken down by square feet)
  • Traffic/number of staff and visitors
  • Number and size of windows
  • Building location
  • Frequency of cleaning required
  • Number of toilets/restrooms
  • Consumable requirements (toilet paper, soap, hand towels, etc.)
  • Day or night cleaning requirements
  • Weekend and public holiday cleaning requirements
  • Indoor and outdoor cleaning requirements
  • Other special cleaning requirements

The janitorial services company has several factors and expenses to consider. Labor is the single biggest expense for the cleaning and janitorial services company. The building’s location and the local labor costs will also play a significant role in the price. So, too, will the quality and experience of its staff. If a company quotes significantly less than others for the same amount of work, you must question its staff selection and remuneration policies. You don’t want the wrong people in your business to save a few dollars every month.

The company also must factor in taxes and insurance, equipment, material, and cleaning supply costs, as well as consumables that it supplies. In addition, there are management costs, HR expenses, traveling, and transport costs, as well as other miscellaneous expenses. Obviously, as a business, the company still needs to make a fair profit for its expertise and service.

As you can see, there is a multitude of expenses and factors that must be accounted for when seeking pricing for janitorial services. Two other issues complicate the quoting process even further. Many less-experienced cleaning and janitorial services companies lack the experience to put a clear and easy-to-understand quote together. Others try to make their quotes appear more competitive by omitting or masking vital parts of the service. This results in service below your expectations or additional charges for “added” services that you might have assumed were included.

Apart from this playing havoc with your company’s budget, it will also strain the relationship between the client and vendor. This is something you want to avoid so it’s essential that both parties clearly understand the cost and specific details of the services to be provided.

Competition is fierce in the cleaning and janitorial services industry. The barriers to entry for a small cleaning outfit are relatively low. The larger, more-established companies invest heavily in training, equipment, technology, and quality cleaning materials.

They are more selective when choosing their staff members and do extensive background checks. They also spend time and money to train and equip their staff members to ensure they have a quality team that’s knowledgeable and experienced.

They also put considerable time, effort, and expense into supervising and inspecting the services they provide to guarantee they are up to standard and that the client is happy with the results.

Getting a Meaningful Quote

Despite these challenges and factors to consider, the onus is very much on the client. The company must ensure it gets quotes that are clear, comprehensive, and factor in all relevant variables.

You can use the experience and expertise of the commercial janitorial cleaning company to guide you and help you identify and determine your requirements. But, at the end of the day, you must be able to specify exactly what you want and request the company to quote accordingly.

If you receive a range of quotes, it is your prerogative to insist the company breaks it down according to your needs. That way, you’ll be able to more easily compare the quotes.

You’ll need to know the size of the areas and floor surface, how much traffic these areas see and specific cleaning requirements. If you’re on a tight budget, you might need to make compromises to stay within your budget. A good professional janitorial company will be able to advise how best to achieve quality cleaning while staying within your budget. There are several techniques and practices it can employ to keep your facility clean without compromising on the quality. A less-experienced company won’t have the knowledge and experience to do this and can only reduce costs by cutting corners and providing substandard service. This will only result in dissatisfaction no matter how reasonable the price.

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Price Versus Value

Comparing prices that are not clear on the quality and extent of the service could lead to disaster. A good understanding of how the pricing is structured and a clear, specific quote detailing the entire service is essential in making the right selection. Paying too much for service that is not up to your requirements is just as bad as paying a lot less and getting a service that leaves you unsatisfied. If you are still unclear about the quote, request a detailed cleaning plan. What you don’t know about janitorial pricing could cost you! Value is far more important than price.

There are many negative consequences to poor cleaning. These include poor hygiene and potential illness in the workplace, bad first impressions for visitors and customers, and low morale and productivity among employees. A clean work environment is essential to a business’ success and finding good janitorial services at a fair price is crucial.

Getting a Fair Price for Good Service

Do not be seduced by low pricing and do not assume a high price automatically guarantees quality service. As the client, you have the right to insist on transparent pricing that covers all relevant aspects of the service. The cleaning company should do a full-needs analysis and have a clear understanding of your requirements. A good company should have some sort of quality assurance. Don’t be shy to ask for references or testimonials from similar businesses in the area.

If you’re clear on your facts and requirements and insist on quotes that are understandable and compare, you will be able to find a quality janitorial services company that will enhance the image of your business, keep staff and customers happy, and provide a quality service at a fair price.

If you are looking for a local company that will give you professional service at a fair price, speak to the team at iNX. The company has the experience and expertise to assist with all your janitorial needs.

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