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Are Carpet Stains & Spots A Problem In Your Facility?

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An otherwise immaculate office, facility or any other carpeted area can be instantly ruined by stains spots and blemishes on the carpet. It is human nature. People will not see the gleaming windows and sparkling counters, the eye will immediately focus in on the stains on the carpet and that will be all they notice and remember. Carpets are a practical and attractive floor covering and give the area a warm, classy look. However, with a busy facility, the occasional spots and stains are inevitable. They are going to happen from time to time. Carpets are also expensive so apart from it looking unsightly, you can’t afford to leave it. One word of advice, do not try and clean it yourself, you could do more damage. Rather, consult a professional cleaning company. Gently dab as much of the excess fluid or whatever has been spilt with a paper towel, then call in the professionals.

There are many different types of carpets and a multitude of substances that can cause the stains or spots on the carpet. Each type of carpet and each offending substance that caused the stain requires a different treatment. Different materials and techniques are used depending on the fabric and the cause of the stain. A professional cleaning company specializes in carpet cleaning. They have the right equipment and materials combined with the experience and knowledge to safely and effectively rid your carpet of unsightly stains and have it looking as good as new.

Take caution and make sure you are dealing with the right cleaning and janitorial services company as they are not all the same. Many have a one size fits all approach and will clean your carpets but might not have the necessary skills and materials to remove the stains. This will just make them more obvious. Others will leave your carpets rather damp which will leave a musty smell in the area for some time and could even cause damage.

There are some companies that use the Bonnet method of carpet cleaning. This is only suitable for certain types of carpets and should only be used in the right environments. It is a very aggressive method of cleaning and while it cleans the surface, it can actually do damage to the fiber of the carpet when used on the wrong carpets, reducing its lifespan. There is a time and place for bonneting and the right professional janitorial company will know exactly what to use where, when and how. A good professional cleaning company will evaluate the situation, inspect the carpets and the nature of the stain and customize a solution based on the requirements and what is best for your carpets.

It might be tempting to try and do it yourself. Why pay a janitorial services company, how hard can it be? The internet is littered with quick fixes for all kinds of stains. This is dangerous ground. Many of these stain removal tips are posted with the best intentions in the world by well-meaning people. Often they heard it somewhere but very often, these “old home remedies” have not actually been tested. Some might work on specific types of carpets only and could easily damage a modern carpet that is made of totally different materials to the carpets in use when this home remedy first emerged. By trying to do it yourself to save a few dollars, you run a serious risk of doing more harm than good. Sometimes this could even cause irreversible damage. Even if you are successful, you will often end up with one clean spot where the stain was that is now lighter than the rest of the surrounding carpet. This will stick out like a sore thumb and look almost as bad as the stain. Leave carpet cleaning to a professional cleaning company.

If you already have a trusted professional janitorial company, call them in to do an evaluation and provide a quote. They will know the history of the carpet, when it last had a deep clean and what methods were used. They know their carpets and they understand stain removal. Based on this, they will come up with the best solution to the problem to ensure the carpets are restored to their former glory with the least amount of hassle and disruption in the office. This type of professional cleaning will also extend the life of the carpet. Regular cleaning, especially in heavy traffic areas is the best way to maintain the carpets. Don’t forget that the other areas also need a good clean occasionally.

Apart from deep cleaning and stain removal, a professional cleaning company will do a thorough regular vacuum clean which will prevent dirt buildup and extend the life of the carpet. If you do not have a commercial janitorial cleaning company that you know and trust, you will have to shop around.

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While you want to pay a fair price, be very wary of low-cost quotes from an unknown company offering cleaning and janitorial services. Do a bit of research and ask lots of questions. Find out what equipment, cleaning materials and techniques will be used. Find out about the cleaning method to establish how damp the carpets will be after cleaning. Ask them to identify the stains and spots and advise on how they intend to remove them. Find out about their staff, how well are they trained and how they are supervised.

Establish how long the job will take and determine the exact area of carpet they will be cleaning. Do not be afraid to ask for references from other companies in the area that can give you an idea of their experience with the cleaning company. Checking them out online is also a good idea as this will give you a bit of history on the company and give you an idea of their commitment to professionalism. Make sure the company is licensed, bonded and insured.

Do not leave stains. Not only will they make a bad first impression on anyone coming into the facility but the longer you leave them, the more they will get ingrained into the fiber of the carpet and the harder they will be to clean effectively. Get a reputable professional cleaning company to come and do an expert job as soon as possible. The stains will be gone, the area will look great again and you will extend the life of the carpet.

If you are looking for a quality company for commercial janitorial cleaning that specializes in carpet cleaning, give iNX a call today. They are experts in all aspects of commercial cleaning and will advise you on the perfect solution to your problem.

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