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First impressions are powerful. They say when you meet someone, the first thing you notice is their shoes. When you walk into an office or a business, the first thing most people notice is the carpet. The rest of the area could be attractive and spotless, but a small stain on the carpet will be the first and lasting impression someone has. This directly affects your company’s image. If the carpets are grubby or stained, that will leave a lasting negative impression. This is why it is essential to use a professional cleaning company to regularly clean and maintain your carpets.

We all know the importance of developing a positive image for your company, and first impressions of your office or workplace play a huge part. You can have fresh flowers in reception and great furniture, but a dirty carpet will be what people remember. It is equally important for internal staff because they want to work in a clean environment of which they can be proud. This will improve staff morale as well as productivity.

Regular Cleaning Improves Your Carpets’ Lifespans

Not only is having a professional cleaning company clean your carpets regularly good for appearances, it will also significantly extend the carpet’s lifespan. Good carpets are quite an investment. Poor or infrequent cleaning will mean they need to be replaced far sooner than if they were cleaned regularly.

Left uncleaned, dirt and stains will become ingrained in the fibers and will eventually become impossible to remove. Using professional janitorial cleaning services to regularly clean your carpets will cost less than replacing them every few years.

Carpet Cleaning Methods

There are several methods and cleaning materials or chemicals used to clean carpets. Different carpets and stains require a specific cleaning technique and cleaning materials to be effective and not damage the carpets. A professional cleaning company will have all the necessary equipment, as well as the experience to know what treatment will work best and the skills and knowledge to do it effectively.

More Common Methods of Carpet Cleaning Include:

Steam cleaning or hot-water extraction cleaning. This method is extremely effective and suitable for most carpets. It causes minimal damage to the carpet fibers.

Bonneting is a more vigorous method used for carpets that are extremely dirty. While highly effective, it can damage some carpets, especially if done too often. There are a right time and place to use the bonneting method and a professional company will know when to use it.

Dry-chemical carpet cleaning uses a dry-chemical powder as a water-wise and environmentally friendly alternative to the above methods.

Some carpets and environments might call for a combination of cleaning methods.

Note that several inferior carpet-cleaning methods used by some low-cost cleaning companies will often leave the carpets very wet. This will result in a musty smell for a while and could potentially damage your carpets. When comparing quotes and evaluating commercial janitorial cleaning companies, ask them to explain the carpet-cleaning method they intend to use and why they selected that method.

Don’t assume that carpet cleaning is a basic, simple process. It requires skills, knowledge, and experience, as well as the right equipment and cleaning materials. The wrong method, poor technique or inferior cleaning materials could, at best, do a poor job or, at worst, do permanent and irreversible damage to expensive carpets.

For carpet cleaning to be effective, it should be done by a well-trained team from a professional cleaning company that has the correct training, equipment, and experience. This will show immediate results and not harm your carpet. The carpet will good and be free of stains, grubby marks, and blemishes. It will also smell great.

A professional cleaning company will know which method is the best based on the carpet’s condition and fiber type . The company will advise you accordingly. It is also knowledgeable in the correct way to identify and treat the various types of stains that can occur. Some situations might call for a combination of cleaning materials and techniques to get the best results.

Flexibility of the Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Company

Because carpet cleaning can be quite disruptive and invasive in the work environment, the professional cleaning company tasked with the job needs to be flexible and must do it at a time that will not affect your staff. Chairs and furniture will have to be moved. The machines make some noise, so it’s important the cleaning company accommodates your needs and cleans at a time that is convenient to its client. The company must also be professional and careful in its approach to prevent any damage to furniture or scuffing of walls as it prepares the area for cleaning.

carpet cleaning professional cleaning company commercial janitorial los angeles

Establish a Cleaning Schedule

To guarantee you get the best results and have clean and long-lasting carpets, a cleaning schedule should be created. An experienced professional cleaning company will be able to advise you on this based on the type of carpets and the nature and volume of the facility’s traffic. Some areas may require more cleaning than others. All of this should be planned in advance.

Health Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

Regular carpet cleaning is important not only for the appearance of the carpet and extending its lifespan but also for the health of your staff and visitors.

Dirty carpets, even if they look clean, can harbor allergens, mold, dust, dust mites, and bacteria. Some bacteria can live for up to four weeks and, if left unchecked, can multiply and spread. Correct cleaning will decontaminate the carpets and eliminate these undesirables. This will improve the air quality and health of the building.

Beware of Budget Carpet Cleaning Companies

All the necessary training, experience, and quality equipment used by the top cleaning and janitorial services company come at a price. There are several budget or low-cost operators, but not all have the expertise, experience, and equipment to do a quality job. Some may actually do more harm than good.

Check the reputation of the company you are considering and ask for referrals from similar companies in your area. Discuss with the cleaning company what method it intends to use and why. Do a bit of homework before selecting a cleaning company and don’t let price be the only deciding factor. It is often a poor indicator of value.

If you want a professional local service that will give your carpets the care and attention they need, give iNX a call. The company has many years of experience in the business and its highly trained and experienced team has the right solution for all your carpet-cleaning requirements.

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