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Is Day Cleaning Right For Your Facility?

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Historically, most cleaning and janitorial services were conducted at night after a company’s employees had left for the day. This allowed the cleaning company to clean the facility without interruptions.

The cleaning staff would not disrupt or disturb employees and they wouldn’t waste time waiting to clean an area that was occupied. They could clean without having to worry about the noise of their machines, the effects of harsh chemicals, electrical cables getting in the way and other aspects that might hinder a facility’s employees.

This method was popular for many years. Employees would arrive at work every morning to a clean and fresh work environment and start on the day’s work unhindered by cleaning staff.

While night cleaning has many advantages, there are also several disadvantages. In recent years, there has been a strong shift toward day cleaning and it is growing in popularity.

There are good arguments for both options, and day cleaning might not be suitable in all environments. It is important to be aware of the pros and cons of both to determine which would best suit your facility.

Let’s look at the alternatives in more detail.

Advantages of Day Cleaning

Many companies are starting to realize the benefits of day cleaning. These include:

Energy Saving

If your janitorial cleaning services company is to operate through the night, your facility will have to be fully lit, and the heating or cooling system will have to be on. With the rising costs of utilities, these additional costs can add up to a significant expense over time.

By going the day cleaning route, these additional expenses could be avoided. The cleaning crew works during the day when the lights and cooling or heating systems are already on. At night, they can be switched off, which saves money. It is also a more environmentally friendly practice.

Improved Security

Although all good commercial janitorial cleaning companies will thoroughly screen and check the backgrounds of their staff members, security is always a concern. The risk to property and sensitive information is significantly less if cleaning is conducted during the day while a facility’s staff is present.

There is also no need to pay a staff member overtime to open and close and stand around while the cleaning crew does its work. This will result in further cost savings.

Fast and Immediate Cleaning of Any Daytime Mess

As much as a cleaning and janitorial services company works to a routine to systematically clean the facility, accidents or daily work functions can result in an unsightly mess. If the crew is available during the day, these incidents can be attended to immediately, thus leaving the workplace clean and tidy.

Improve Overall Facility Cleanliness

Continuing with the above thought, using day janitorial cleaning services will result in a facility that is constantly clean and tidy. This has many positive benefits, including good first impressions for customers and visitors and happier, more productive employees.

It also means company employees will not have to interrupt their work to attend to occasional cleanups during the day. Again, this will result in improved staff productivity.

Improved Communications

Having daily contact with the janitorial services staff and supervisors means that any issues, problems or specific requirements can be communicated immediately. No special time-consuming meetings need to be scheduled. This will result in faster resolution of problems, better service, and greater satisfaction with fewer complaints.

Reduced Labor Costs

As labor is the single biggest expense for the cleaning and janitorial services company, there should be cost savings by using day cleaning. Day labor costs are lower than night costs, and these savings should be passed to the client.

Disadvantages of Day Cleaning

As much as there are advantages to day cleaning, it does pose a few challenges or potential disadvantages.


During the day, staff members are working, moving around, in meetings, on the telephone, using the canteen or restrooms, and performing their daily activities. Cleaning crews will have to work around them to avoid disruptions that will adversely affect workflow.

Noise and Chemicals

Some cleaning equipment, such as vacuum cleaners or floor polishers, is noisy and could be disruptive. Certain cleaning agents contain harsh chemicals that could irritate workers and result in disruptions and unhappy staff.


In some instances, employees could interfere with the cleaning staff and request they do work that is not part of the cleaning plan. This could lead to frustration, delays, and the possibility of important areas being neglected.

The Solution

There are several simple solutions a knowledgeable and experienced professional cleaning company can employ to make day cleaning less invasive and disruptive.

The first is simply a case of logic, patience, and experience. By understanding the client’s needs, a good cleaning crew can work its way through the office without getting in the way of workers or disrupting meetings. This just takes a bit of planning, communication, and understanding.

Apart from that, day-cleaning crews can use equipment that is significantly less noisy than some machines and they can use less volatile chemicals that will not negatively affect workers. This requires a bit of knowledge and, once again, experience, on behalf of the cleaning and janitorial services company.

The transition to day cleaning may require a bit of compromise. But, with good communication and the right company doing the work, it can be done so the benefits outweigh any minor inconveniences.

Every facility and environment is different and some may only be suited to night cleaning. Another option is a hybrid approach where you have the more invasive cleaning done after hours and make use of day porter services to tend to issues that arise during the workday.

If you speak to the team at iNX, staff members will do a full analysis of your site, discuss your needs and challenges, and will be able to advise you on the most effective solution to your facility’s cleaning requirements. With years of experience and knowledge, they are perfectly positioned to provide a quality solution that is workable.

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