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Are You Fed Up with Working at a Dusty, Filthy Desk?

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Office janitorial services can offer so much more than just a clean keyboard. A dirty workplace for your employees can lead to feelings of being undervalued, low morale, and overall negativity.

Dust, dirt, and allergens cling to everything and can cause respiratory issues in office rooms or spaces. Coughs and asthma can result from a dusty and dirty workspace. And, not to mention all those computers, printers, copy machines, and laptops in your business that can literally stop working because of dust buildup in their systems. Since a computer’s heat and static makes it a target for floating dust particles, dust buildup can cause a computer’s system to overheat or malfunction and cause vital parts of your computer to stop working properly. A simple office janitorial service can save you money by controlling the office’s standing dust issues.

The average workplace keyboard holds 16 million microbes, which can include everything from fecal matter to strains of the flu virus. These can survive up to two days without a host. And, most office equipment ends up being more than 400 times dirtier than the average toilet seat! This happens because people don’t wash their hands throughout the day. Shaking hands, bathroom breaks, and, sometimes, a lack of soap can lead to improperly cleaned hands. Plus, in all that bacteria and dust, two out of three employees still eat at their desk without sanitizing it beforehand. Office janitorial services are needed so you don’t have to worry about your employees becoming sick, staying out of work, and getting sick again when they come back.

Not only can a poorly maintained and unclean office make your employees sick, it can also drive away customers. Customers have no interest in supporting a business whose employees are coughing or sneezing everywhere or where the AC vents are caked in dust. While other office janitorial services will dust with old-school feather dusters, essentially moving dust from place to place, flinging it into the air, and only worsening the problem by spreading the issue, iNX Building Maintenance Solutions resolve the issue. That caked-on dust that clings to vents and drifts from under couches when it is moved is a collection of skin flakes, pet dander, allergens, dirt, and more. So, it’s even more important to make sure it’s dealt with on a schedule.

Working with iNX

When you meet with iNX professionals to plan out a contract that perfectly fits your business, we stick to that plan. We do not deviate from the plan based on an “it’s-not-that-bad” mindset and will dust every inch of your office to make sure no allergens or dirt remain to clog up your computers or harm your employees. Here at iNX, we offer customized solutions that cater exactly to what your company needs in an office janitorial service.

We pay attention to every detail. Our cleaners are trained extensively to go above and beyond for our clients, so no detail is forgotten or put off. We check under couches and desks, all vents, couch cushions, fan blades, tops of doors and windows, any flat surfaces, and small items that always seem to attract dust. We also make sure to sanitize water fountains, keyboards, computer mice, and more often overlooked items that end up carrying thousands of bacteria per square inch.

Our methods are much more advanced than a feather duster, which doesn’t even work efficiently. We use damp dusting, microfiber cloths, and proper dusting chemicals and repellents while we clean from top to bottom. Our office janitorial services are properly trained to be thorough, effective, and meticulous experts in cleaning.

What to Expect Afterwards

You’ll find that employees will no longer be stressed about clutter and allergens clogging up their workspaces. They will be more productive and actually come to work because the cleanliness of the office will increase, which means fewer employees calling out sick. With cleaning boosting employee morale, employees will be inspired to keep their documents in order, so they won’t be struggling to find that one piece of paper that has the information they need.

Your electronics will last longer and work more efficiently when you hire office janitorial services, saving you money from having to replace parts of or entire appliances. Employees and customers alike will be impressed with your well-kept office. Reviews will go up positively instead of having to explain messes away, and your workplace will become the inviting second home for your employees who will be happier and more productive.

And, best of all, when you open your doors, you will have a genuinely clean and safer workplace that has been cleaned, sanitized, and dusted from top to bottom as opposed to coming in to see dirt and dust everywhere after the janitorial service claims to have cleaned the entire office. You will have peace of mind plus a healthier and safer workplace for you, your employees, and your customers.

PS: If you’re looking to boost your employee’s morale and increase productivity with a clean and healthy work environment, schedule your free consultation for office janitorial services today!

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