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While the primary purpose of any medical facility or hospital is to provide health-care solutions to patients, one can never forget these facilities operate as a business. Whether funded privately or by the government, they must always control income and expenses to remain sustainable. They cannot afford to operate at a loss. All expenses are important, but one of the more significant costs is medical cleaning services. It’s also one of the most important aspects of running a healthy medical facility and must be of the highest standards.

It’s obvious that any hospital, medical office or other medical facility must maintain perfect hygiene and cleanliness standards. The health and safety of patients, staff, and visitors depend on this. Germs, pathogens, and viruses could result in the spread of disease, as well as hospital-acquired infections. A quality professional cleaning company can ensure this does not occur. These services, however, are expensive.

The reputation of the hospital or medical facility is at stake, and poor standards of cleanliness can lead to patients and visitors forming a negative opinion of the facility. This could make other potential patients look for an alternative health-care provider.

This negative impression will often be communicated to others, more so these days with the popularity of social media. This could result in the facility being labeled with a bad reputation that will take time, money, and effort to rectify.

Surveys, such as HCAHPS, further add to this challenge. They play an important role in evaluating hospitals and, as the results are publicly available, people see them and make decisions based on the results. This could have negative repercussions for the facility.

Furthermore, government funding is also affected by HCAHPS scores, so there’s even more reason to ensure the results are good. Once again, a quality medical cleaning services company can provide valuable assistance in improving these scores.

Getting Value For Money From Your Medical Cleaning Services Company

Despite the necessity to ensure the facility is always clean and hygienic, you still must consider the cost of the service in relation to your budget.

Pay too little and you risk getting substandard service, which is a risk you simply cannot take. Pay too much and it will put pressure on your budget, as well as simply waste your money.

When evaluating a medical cleaning services company, there are several factors to consider. Price is often a poor indicator of value.

A few key factors to consider when deciding on a professional cleaning company:

Correct and ongoing training is one of the most important aspects necessary for superior medical cleaning services. Correct medical cleaning requires specialized knowledge. There are new developments the cleaning staff must always understand.

Discuss the type and frequency of training the company provides.

A good way to understand the quality of work and value a professional cleaning company does is through a referral. Ask the vendor for the names of a few similar facilities that it has worked with for a while. Any reputable company will not hesitate to provide these.

Speak to these clients and inspect their facilities, if they will allow it. Ask for details of the service they’ve received, the perceived value they’re getting, and any issues they’ve experienced.

•Equipment and Cleaning Techniques
Ask prospective vendors for details of the equipment they use and the procedures they follow in cleaning medical facilities. Materials used are also important and find out if they use green-cleaning products where appropriate.

How many years has the company been in business and how many medical facilities does it service? Experience, along with training, is essential when it comes to delivering exceptional medical facility cleaning.

•Industry Associations
Find out what relevant industry associations the company belongs to. Most professional associations set high standards for their members and ensure they comply with the minimum standards and follow best practices. They also help with conflict resolution if issues develop.

Determine how the work is supervised. You want to know who handles the supervision and how often it is done. The same applies to inspections, and a top medical cleaning services company will conduct regular inspections to confirm the cleaning is at the correct standard.

•A Detailed Cleaning Plan
A proper and thorough cleaning requires a detailed and documented plan with specific details and time frames. Ensure the vendor does this.

•Quality Assurance
Confirm the vendor offers some form of quality assurance and ask for the details of this.

•Staff Recruitment
How are its staff members recruited and what screening is performed to ensure the company is employing quality staff? Be wary of companies with casual labor or high staff turnover.

•Comparing Quotes
As the client, you have the right to insist the quote is presented clearly and easy to understand, and you can compare it with other quotes. Once you have evaluated the prospective medical cleaning services companies on the criteria above, it will be easier to determine which companies are offering a quality service at a fair price.

Be Wary of Budget Cleaners or Very Low Quotes

Cleaning companies have several expenses and they are significantly higher in medical facility cleaning. The only way a company can come in with a significantly lower quote is by compromising on aspects of its service.

Typical cost-cutting tactics include employing unskilled staff, offering little to no training, using inferior cleaning products or simply cutting corners and not cleaning all areas that require it. This kind of service could be disastrous for your medical facility and have serious repercussions. Don’t take the chance and compromise on this aspect of the business because it could cost more than any short-term saving you might achieve.

Closing Thoughts

iNX is a trusted name in cleaning medical facilities. It has qualified staff members with many years of experience and excellent training. Staff members are well-supervised and every care is taken to deliver exceptional service. Give iNX a call for more information on how to make your medical facility one that is known for the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Because of its experience and expertise, iNX is able to offer great service at a fair price that won’t put undue strain on your budget.

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