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Flu season is in full force, and iNX has cleaning tips to help prevent illness in the workplace. Any sickness brought in by an employee can be prevented if you take the necessary precautions in maintaining a sanitized office.  A professional cleaning company will make your office cleaner and safer for your employees.

Did you know bacteria and viruses are swarming around your office space? Whether found in carpets, office bathrooms, office kitchen space down to the keyboard, phone and door knob, the office needs to have the proper maintenance and sanitized.

Flu Prevention Tips 

  • Promote a cleaner work space with disinfectant wipes for keyboards, phone, desks and mouse
  • Provide sanitizers throughout the office
  • Make sure supplies are stocked throughout the flu season

Keep Healthy with Professional Cleaning Company

Hiring a professional office cleaning company is a must.  Proper maintenance of the facility is too much to ask for from your employees and it takes time away from actual work that needs to be done. A professional office cleaning company will maintain a sanitary work environment and give you that peace of mind.

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