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Hospital Cleaning Services Can Make or Break Your HCAHPS Scores

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Medical facilities have several regulatory requirements that must be followed. These are important measures that will guarantee a hospital or medical facility is maintaining the correct standards and ensuring a safe and healthy environment. Just as restaurants and food-production facilities are tested, so, too, are hospitals. This is a good thing. A critical aspect in the success of these regulatory requirements is the services of a good medical cleaning services company.

With so many things to manage daily, this might not seem to be such a major priority. But, the effect of poor cleanliness could be disastrous.

The health and well-being of your patients and staff are of paramount importance and any lapses in cleaning quality and hygiene will immediately be picked up by the various regulatory bodies and their inspections. Medical cleaning services play an important role in ensuring high cleanliness standards. Apart from the regulations, you have an obligation to ensure the safety of all people entering the facility.

HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Health-care Providers and Systems)

While most of these inspections focus on procedures, health or mortality issues, and hospital hygiene, the HCAHPS measurement takes a slightly different approach. The test measures patients’ perceptions and feedback on their hospital experience.

The feedback from patients and their perception of the specifics of their hospital stay are extremely important. They provide a useful barometer of the general state of the care provided by hospitals and medical facilities.

The idea behind HCAHPS is to ask patients how they perceived the quality of the hospital and the care they received. The test is standardized to accurately measure each facility. This provides a comparison between various hospitals and health-care facilities.

The test covers 21 specific points, one being hospital cleanliness. It gives the patient the chance to voice any dissatisfaction he or she might have had with any aspect of the hospital or the service he or she received.

The results are available to the public, and this can have huge implications for the hospital. Public perceptions, particularly in health care, are very important. Poor HCAHPS scores can result in negative publicity for the hospital and even a decline in admissions. Government funding is also affected by HCAHPS scores. Therefore, poor results could create severe financial problems for the hospital.

HCAHPS scores are a valuable resource for the public when deciding on a health-care facility. People look at these results and take them very seriously. As such, it’s imperative the hospital does the same.

Although cleaning is only one aspect of the HCAHPS scoring system, it’s still extremely important. One specific question asked in the survey is, “During your hospital stay, how often were your room and bathroom kept clean?”

A clean hospital environment also adds to the overall patient experience, which is another measure of the survey. The services of a good professional cleaning company will help you achieve good results on your HCAHPS score.

Good Medical Cleaning Services Companies Understand HCAHPS

An experienced and well-trained medical cleaning services company will be aware of the HCAHPS requirements and how the scoring works. The company will make every effort to conduct its work in accordance with this knowledge and strive to make the patient experience exceptional.

In addition to quality cleaning, the general environment, staff politeness, including external staff, and the quietness of the facility are also measured and affect the score.

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A professional cleaning company will not only keep the hospital exceptionally clean and hygienic, its staff members will be helpful and polite to any patients they encounter. This comes from a good screening of employees, quality training, and close supervision.

The training and experience of its staff members will ensure not only do they do a thorough and hygienic cleaning but they will do it with minimal inconvenience and disruption to the patients. All these factors enhance the patients’ experience, which leads to a better experience and a more positive response to HCAHPS questions.

There are obviously many factors to manage to get a good HCAHPS score, but quality medical cleaning services should be right near the top. Good cleaning and service from your professional cleaning company will go a long way toward increasing your score. It will also allow staff and management to focus on other aspects of HCAHPS.

Get Everyone Involved

The success or failure of HCAHPS scores is everyone’s responsibility. All staff members, internal and external, need to know the survey’s criteria, how it works, and what they can do to achieve high scores. An evaluation of the score will give you a good indication of the areas that need improvement.

Irrespective of all the other requirements, never underestimate the importance of exceptional medical cleaning services. This relates not only to the core function of cleaning the facility but the appearance, treatment of patients, and consideration of their situation.

Although wards and other areas must be cleaned regularly, a bit of flexibility and understanding goes a long way to improving the patient’s perception of the hospital. Something as simple as a greeting and a smile from a member of the cleaning crew can do wonders.

One way of evaluating a prospective medical cleaning services company is to ask about existing health-care or hospital clients and look at the HCAHPS scores for those facilities. There could be other factors that could cause those facilities to have poor scores, but it might be a warning sign if most of its clients have poor scores. A bit of investigation might be required to determine this.

Choose your professional cleaning company with great care. The health and financial implications of poor HCAHPS scores could have a profound effect on the popularity of your hospital, as well as the economic health of the facility.

iNX specializes in hospital and medical facility cleaning and has a good understanding of the various regulations and the HCAHPS system. The company strives to provide exceptional cleaning while also going out of its way to enhance the overall experience of the patients. This can only have a positive effect on your HCAHPS scores. For more details on how the company does this, call today.

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