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Have you ever walked into someone’s office and felt impressed by its cleanliness and neatness? The entire place makes you feel welcome and makes you feel good about yourself and the owners of the office. You will find yourself admiring their professionalism and work ethics, and guessing their annual revenue. You will want to spend more time in the office and you will want to return. On the other hand, a dirty and untidy office has the opposite effect. You feel unwelcome. You will want to get out as soon as your business is over. You will never want to return. Your customers feel the same way about your office. This is the reason many big companies outsource their office cleaning to a commercial janitorial company.

A Neat and Clean Office is Good for Business

A neat and clean office is good for business; a dirty and untidy office has the opposite effect. There are a few good reasons for that.

Customers feel welcome, confident, and relaxed in a clean office

With a lot of things in life, the first impression is usually the last. Your office is one such place. The more you can impress your clients with the cleanliness of your office, the more likely they are to come back. A clean and tidy office is pleasing to the eyes. It soothes your mind and makes you feel relaxed. Potential customers feel welcome and they feel they can trust you. They will be impressed by your professionalism and efficiency. You will find them more willing to listen to you and agree with you. Even if a deal isn’t made, they will still go away with a good feeling and will be sure to come back the next opportunity they get. This is something iNX Building Maintenance specializes in.

Employees are happier, more confident, and more productive in a clean office

Everyone likes to live and work in a neat and clean environment. Employees are happier in a neat and clean office. Many consider their office their second home. Therefore, they want an office that is clean and free of germs and where they can spend eight hours without having to worry about getting sick. Happy employees work harder. Happy employees are more creative and innovative. They are more positive and confident when dealing with customers. They feel good about themselves and they feel the customers have a good feeling about themselves. On the other hand, unhappy employees put in less work, aren’t confident, often talk negatively about their employers, and leave a bad impression on customers. This is why a lot of companies outsource their office cleaning to a commercial janitorial company like iNX.

A clean office helps elevate the image of your brand in your customers’ eyes

As mentioned earlier, potential customers subconsciously associate the cleanliness of your office with your brand’s image. A clean and beautiful office affects your brand positively. Potential customers will automatically associate your brand with superior quality. They will be proud to be owners of your products and even show them off and brag about them. On the other hand, a dirty and shabby office gives your brand a bad image. Potential customers will associate your brand with inferior quality. They will consciously or subconsciously choose your competitor’s products over yours. Thus, it’s very important to have a neat, clean, and visually attractive office.
Make your office a place customers want to keep coming back to

Now that you know the benefits of keeping your office clean, you should waste no time in taking the steps to make your customers want to return. You don’t need to have expensive equipment or classy furniture and decorations. All you need is to always keep it spotless, clean, and tidy. The floors and walls should be free of grime and stains. The work tables should be free of dust and clutter. The computers and machinery shouldn’t have any dust and grime sticking to them. The windows should be streak-free and spotless. The waiting room should be clean, friendly, and welcoming. The restroom and the toilets should look like they are cleaned every hour. The garbage cans should not be overflowing with trash.

In short, your office should give the impression that you leave no stone unturned when it comes to creating a clean and germ-free working environment. This is what iNX Building Maintenance Solutions helps you do.

Keeping Your Office Clean Requires a Lot of Work

Keeping an office spotlessly clean requires a lot of work. You need to hire cleaners who are not only good at their jobs but also loyal to their employers. You need to pay the salaries and benefits and provide the cleaning equipment and materials, which can eat up a chunk of your annual budget. You need to look after their welfare. Some of the equipment and materials are costly, and not even needed daily. You need to keep an eye on the quality of their work to make sure they’re doing their jobs properly. It’s not uncommon for janitors to sleep on the job — safe in the knowledge that if they appear to be working, they won’t be fired. These are the reasons many businesses choose to outsource their office cleaning to a commercial janitorial company.

Outsource Your Office Cleaning Today

iNX Building Maintenance has janitors who are trained in all aspects of cleaning. Some are good at mopping the floor and cleaning the windows. Some are trained to clean carpets. Some are trained to clean air ducts. Some are even trained to change light bulbs and do other maintenance works. Thus, outsourcing to a commercial cleaning company means your office will always be spotlessly clean. There will be no dark corners harboring a mound of dust, no carpets providing a home for microorganisms, no restroom stinking of urine and feces, no windows and glasses with stains and marks, no computers and printers covered with dust, and no garbage can overflowing with trash. In short, your office will become a place that visitors will want to keep coming back to.

So, outsource your office cleaning to iNX Building Maintenance Solutions and keep customers coming back for more business.

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