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Top 5 KPI’s to Outsource Commercial Janitorial Services

What is a Key Performance Indicator and how does it affect the janitorial services industry?

A KPI or Key Performance Indicator is for performance measurements. KPI’s are used to evaluate the success of a business and or the activities in which it is engaged.
KPI’s help businesses gauge and compare their performance towards meeting their strategic or operational goals.

Commercial Janitorial Service KPI’s

For janitorial services, the KPI’s will assist in ensuring the agreements in place are ad-hered to. A few examples being:

  • Ensuring the janitorial team completes cleaning tasks on schedule
  • Responding to queries or specific needs within contracted timelines
  • Keeping customer satisfaction above the contracted threshold

Choosing the right Key Performance Indicators for your janitorial services gives a good un-derstanding of what is relevant to the business and the expectations of the client regarding services provided.

First and foremost, the goal of KPI reporting by the janitorial service used is to be respon-sive to the client’s objectives when it comes to keeping the premises clean and safe for all staff, customers, and visitors.

The top 5 categories of Key Performance Indicators for your janitorial services are:

  • Quality of Service provided by the janitorial service
  • Level of client satisfaction for services provided
  • The janitorial services workforce
  • Safety considerations
  • Financial implications

Each of these categories contains KPI’s which the janitorial services should provide on a daily basis. An effective janitorial service will be tracking this data to improve the levels of service delivered.

Quality of Service

  • Quality audits should be conducted by location or departments to assist in identify-ing if a particular area needs improvement
  • Auditing the quality of service provided by location or department, for example, the emptying of trash cans on a regular basis
  • The results of a quality audit either individually or by teams to identify if any individual or a cleaning team need to improve levels of service
  • These quality audits should fall within the established needs of the client

Level of Client Satisfaction

  • The janitorial service should survey the customer and analyze the degree of satisfaction the service achieves
  • Monitor any received client complaints and adjust service levels to reduce the number of complaints
  • Measure the compliments received towards client satisfaction of the services provided
  • Keep track of special requests by department and requests completed by the janitorial service, this may include breakage and spill clean-ups, and clean-ups in the event of flooding.

Janitorial service workforce
The productivity of the janitorial services as a team or individually can be identified by what is cleaned per hour and by how many janitorial service workers there are. You’ll want to pay attention to the following:

  • Monitoring of the employee’s attendance and absenteeism
  • On site training for new hires on the particular cleaning procedures for the premises or department needs and the adherence to safety and security regulations and policies
  • The services employee retention rate and staff turnover

Safety considerations

  • The number of accidents avoided during a shift
  • How many lost work days have accumulated due to work day incidents
  • After cleaning, are the floors sufficiently dry to prevent slipping and falling
  • Recording the number of OHSA incidents if any during the workday

Financial implications
Auditing of the expenses for the janitorial service budgeted, and the actual cost, including the labor cost, equipment cost, cleaning chemicals and detergents as well as consumable costs.

Selecting which KPI’s are important for both you and the client

The customer has the final say on which KPI’s to use to measure performance; however, the janitorial service representative can help with the choices needed to achieve customer satisfaction.

Based on experience, the cleaning company can present industry standard KPI’s as recom-mendations in the contract or proposal.

Together the professional cleaning company and the client can establish realistic and productive KPI’s, these can include, but are not limited to:

  • The availability of the data between both parties
  • Which unit of measure will be used to establish performance, i.e., the area cleaned or hours cleaned. The different categories of KPI, such as the quality of service provided, adherence to safety and security protocols.
  • KPI naming, this helps to define the KPI preventing duplication of data due to similarity
  • Frequency of KPI measurement, i.e., Weekly, monthly or quarterly

There are more Key Performance Indicators which the janitorial services can include on their audit checklists, but the 5 KPI’s listed and detailed above are considered some of the most important.

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