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Ultimate Guide to Office Cleaning Prices

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How long is a piece of string? Yes, it is a hackneyed old saying, but it is relevant to the question, “How much does office cleaning cost?” There are many different kinds of offices. Some require intensive work from office building cleaning services, whereas others require basic detail maintenance and the occasional deep clean. Paying for a cleaning and janitorial services is often a grudge expense for many but the importance of it cannot be overstated.

Size matters as well as the amount of traffic. It stands to reason an office with 80 workers will require more cleaning than one with 10 people. The design of the office is also important. The type of work conducted is also a major factor.

Good janitorial cleaning services are hard to put a price on, but it is crucial to the success of your business. Reputation is everything and people will form an instant and lasting opinion of your business and professionalism based on its appearance and cleanliness. An unsightly and messy office will put turn many people away.

In the modern business environment, attention to detail is critical. A clean, well-presented, and appealing office is important. It will inspire confidence in customers and give staff members a sense of pride.

Because all expenses are under scrutiny, you cannot afford to overspend on any service. By the same token, you cannot scrimp on essential services. Office cleaning is one such expense.

Determining the Price of Office Cleaning

The first step is to evaluate the entire office space and the environment. Some offices are extremely busy with people going in and out while others are quiet with the odd office worker generally spending the majority of his or her time at his or her desk. Other factors also come into play. Busy restrooms require extra cleaning as do kitchens and breakrooms. Obviously, the size of the office and the number of staff members are also major factors.

There will always be high-traffic areas that require regular cleaning and those that can get away with occasional cleaning. The best way to determine the cleaning frequency is to develop a cleaning plan. This can be done in conjunction with the office manager and the cleaning and janitorial services company.

If, after a while, it is determined that certain areas are being neglected, this can always be adjusted. Those areas that are being cleaned too often for no reason can be cleaned less often. This will enable the janitorial services company to focus more on high-traffic areas.

Cleaning costs will come down to several factors:

  • Cleaning expectations – how deeply the area needs to be cleaned. Deep cleaning requires more time and expense than superficial mopping, dusting, and wiping
  • Frequency – some areas will require daily cleaning, if not more frequent cleaning, throughout the day
  • Products used – Some areas will only need dusting and vacuuming, whereas toilets, kitchens, and other areas will require the use of expensive cleaning materials. This will add to the cost of cleaning those areas.

Economies of Scale

Cleaning a large office will cost less per square foot. Transportation of staff members, supervision costs, and other factors will be the same for a small office as they will be for a large facility. These costs will have to be factored into the overall cost of the contract.

Time of Cleaning

Daytime and after-hours cleaning is another factor. There are additional costs involved in night cleaning.


Transport is a significant cost and if the office is in an out-of-the-way area, this will increase the cost to the vendor. This factor has to be taken into consideration. Offices and facilities in remote areas will pay a premium for cleaning services.

Market Price

As with any business, janitorial cleaning services are based on the prevailing market price. Sure, some companies try to be competitive, and many are. But, there is always a general market price that prevails. This will vary from state to state, but most janitorial services companies will stay within range of the local pricing.

Additional Cleaning

Apart from the regular day-to-day cleaning, other services are required. Deep cleaning of kitchens or bathrooms is often not part of the service. Upholstery cleaning and carpet shampooing are generally additional jobs. If not built into the contract, these should be quoted on an ad hoc basis at a fair price. The frequency will depend on the traffic and the areas in questions.

Ongoing Work or Once-Off

Once-off cleaning jobs demand higher prices than ongoing work. It takes time to get to know the facility and understand the unique requirements. Once a commercial janitorial cleaning company has experience in a facility, the work becomes easier and faster. Getting to know a new environment takes time and this costs money. It stands to reason a once-off cleanup should cost more than cleaning an office or facility on a regular basis.

Internal Cleaning

Some companies have a culture of keeping the office neat and tidy. The janitorial cleaning services company has the task of doing the fine work and deep cleaning but it has to have a reasonably clean office to start with. Some companies lack this culture and leave the office in a shocking state. This will make the job of the janitorial services harder and more time-consuming. This is another factor in the time an expense of an office-cleaning company.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is good office cleaning is not a commodity and you cannot put a set price on it. The size of the cleaning area is only one factor and many other important points have to be considered. The best bet is to shop around but look at service and detail, not just price. Look at the history and service of the company, how it communicates and what guarantees it offers. A clean office is essential to the prosperity of your company so choose wisely.

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