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Balancing Professionalism, Price, and Value in Your Office Cleaning

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Who says you can’t have it all? Why must you compromise on quality and professionalism to get a good price for office building cleaning services? We have all heard the old adage that price is what you pay and value is what you get. Don’t settle for poor service from your janitorial services just to get a better price.

Quality office cleaning is a lot more involved than most people imagine. There is a lot more to the job of cleaning and janitorial services than meets the eye. Equipment and technology, as well as the cleaning materials, have changed. Because of an increasing demand for eco-friendly behavior, green cleaning has become very popular. All of this requires training, skills, and experience.

As with any type of business, you get companies that are highly professional and offer an exceptional service and others that are trying to make a quick buck with minimal effort and expense. The interesting part of this is that the larger, more established companies are actually able to charge lower rates for better service.

Why Bigger Companies Can Offer More for Less

There are several reasons the established larger professional cleaning companies can offer you a good value by giving you great service at a good price.

Staff Selection

They invest time and money hiring the best staff for the job. This means that they get trustworthy, motivated staff members who can do an effective and efficient job. Their staff members are more productive and get more work done in less time, which reduces labor costs. Remember that man-hours, or labor costs, are the biggest expense a professional cleaning company must contend with.

The less professional cleaning companies employ temporary or part-time workers with little-to-no experience. They are not engaged in their work because they see it as a short-term way of making some money. As a result, they are not as fast and efficient as the permanent, well-screened staff mentioned above. Despite offering lower wages, these companies will end up spending more on labor costs because their staff members are not as motivated.

Staff Training

As previously mentioned, janitorial services have become quite involved. The bigger companies invest time, money, and effort in training their staff on cleaning techniques, products, equipment, and other aspects of their job. Again, this makes them more proficient and able to do a quality job in less time than an untrained worker.


There is a lot to be said for experience. Cleaning, as with any job, becomes better and faster the longer you do it. With experience, one learns more effective and efficient methods to get quality results in less time. This results in improved service without any increase in costs.


Quality regular supervision is necessary to ensure that all work is done to the highest standards and the best practices are being applied. Larger companies make sure all workers are correctly supervised and that inspections are conducted to guarantee the work is up to the required standards.

The budget companies try to save costs by having fewer supervisors. They are stretched too thin to conduct regular quality inspections and make sure the correct standards are being met.

Labor-Saving Equipment

The established commercial janitorial cleaning companies are investing heavily in technology, automation, and labor-saving devices and equipment. These machines are capable of cleaning more effectively and at a much faster speed than manual labor. Although the initial investment is still significant, the labor savings are immediate, and this will bring costs down. Such technology and equipment will allow them to be more competitive than companies that rely on labor alone.

Quality Cleaning Materials

Experienced and established professional cleaning companies have learned which products work best for specific applications. Using the incorrect materials will do an inferior job and slow the cleaning process down. Getting it right comes from experience, which is gained over time.

Bulk Buying

Those commercial janitorial cleaning companies that have a large team and multiple clients have a pricing advantage in that they can buy their cleaning supplies in bulk. This reduces transport and container costs, as well as qualifies them for bulk discounts.

Unfortunately, for the smaller companies, they do not have this advantage and pay close to the normal retail price for cleaning supplies. The same is true when it comes to cleaning equipment.

Overheads Spread Over a Large Client Base

All companies, big and small, have monthly overheads. With the larger companies, the costs for HR, IT, accounting, administration, rent, and other monthly costs are spread across a large client base. The smaller companies do not have this advantage.

How to Get Value and Professionalism at a Fair Price

Many companies have learned the hard way that going with the lowest bidder is often a huge mistake. It is time-consuming and expensive to change vendors so you want to get it right. As you are aware, a clean and hygienic office is essential to the success of your business and important for its reputation.

You can tell a lot about a company by the way in which it approaches the task of quoting you for the service. If it asks two or three questions, gets an idea of the size of the office and the floor type, and presents you with a quote, you should be concerned. A professional cleaning company that is committed to offering outstanding service and providing you with value will take a more involved approach.

It will come out and see for itself, do a walk-through, speak to you, and understand the cleaning requirements of the environment. The company will look for the most cost-effective and efficient approach to the project. It will then draw up a comprehensive cleaning plan and will be able to explain exactly how the pricing was calculated. Full transparency and open communication are important if you want to get professional value for money service.

If you receive a few quotes and some are significantly cheaper than others, you must ask yourself how the company intends to achieve that. If a smaller company comes in at a low rate, the only way it can do this and still make a profit is by using cheap labor and cutting corners. This will reflect the quality of its work. You might be getting a good price but you are not getting any value out of it.

Closing Thoughts

If you are looking for a professional company to keep your offices in pristine condition at a fair price, speak to the folks at iNX. They have the experience and expertise to offer great value for money and exceptional service.

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