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Can Commercial Office Cleaning Services Transform Your Facility?

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Creating a great first impression, one that lasts on everyone who enters your office space, is essential to the success of your company. Every single person who walks into your office, from customers to suppliers, partners, staff, and prospective employees, will form an immediate and lasting opinion on the professionalism of your company. This is largely based on the cleanliness of the environment. This is why a top-quality professional cleaning company is critical to the success of your company.

First impressions are not the only thing that matters. Attention to detail is also important. The office space might well look great at first glance with clean windows, freshly vacuumed carpets, and a clean reception area. The cleaning and janitorial services company has done a good job. Or has it?

Attention to detail is extremely important. Although certain areas can create a good first impression, if the visitors spend a bit of time in the office, they might notice some areas that have not been cleaned correctly. This will quickly undo the good first impression and create a poor perception of the company. A good professional cleaning company will pay attention to details and clean all areas of the office space according to a plan.

How Commercial Office Cleaning Services Transform Your Facility

There are many ways in which quality cleaning can enhance and improve your facility.


Without customers, you would be out of business. No matter what you make or supply or what services you provide, you need customers to pay for these for the company to make money.

The cleanliness of your office space directly reflects the professionalism of the company. The workplace is constantly busy, with people coming and going as they perform their daily tasks. It can quickly become messy and untidy.

A prospective or existing customer walking into this environment will immediately form an impression of the company based on how clean and tidy it is.

No matter what industry you are in, these days, competition is fierce. Anything you can do to position your business in a better light is important. Quality commercial janitorial cleaning is, therefore, extremely important. The customer must feel he or she is dealing with a professional company that takes pride in its business.

When you walk around the office daily, you get used to things and might not even notice a messy corner or an untidy space. Try and take a fresh look from the eyes of a customer to see if any areas are being neglected. A professional cleaning company is trained to do this and will systematically clean your office according to a plan.

This will give customers a better impression of the company and will lead to stronger relationships, greater trust, and increased sales. The investment in cleaning and janitorial services will reflect in your bottom line.

Attracting New Talent

A challenge in modern business is attracting, hiring, and retaining the best talent available. The tables have turned, and applicants are becoming increasingly selective about who they wish to work for.

Again, if cleanliness is not up to standard, they will have a negative impression of the company and might choose not to work there. Top talent wants to work for a professional organization they can take pride in. If the janitorial cleaning services company is not doing a great job, you risk turning away a lot of top recruits and losing them to your competitors.

office cleaning commercial janitorial professional company los angeles

Increasing the Morale and Productivity of Existing Employees

Studies have shown a direct link between staff productivity and office cleanliness. When cleaning and janitorial services are poor, productivity is reduced, and staff members are less happy in their work environment. This reflects in their output and how they interact with customers and each other.

When the workspace is clean and tidy, staff members will take a greater pride in their work and perform better. They will be better motivated and more productive.

This will also mean lower staff turnover, which is very important. Hiring and training new staff takes time and money. You cannot afford to lose your top talent. A dirty office can cause staff to leave, and you can’t let poor janitorial services be the cause of staff turnover.

Keeping Staff Safe and Healthy

You have a moral and legal duty to ensure the safety of your employees. Office cleanliness is an important aspect of health and safety. Air quality is important, and poor cleanliness can lead to several respiratory issues and related health problems.

Poor sanitizing can lead to the spread of germs and infections. This will cause staff members to become sick. They will take more sick days or come to work sick and be unproductive.

Correct janitorial cleaning services will improve the air quality and reduce the spread of germs. This will lead to happy and healthy staff members who are more productive and take fewer sick days. A clean office environment and healthier staff will also help to reduce staff turnover. Again, your office janitorial services will show a positive return on investment.

Improving the Life of Company Assets

Regular and correct cleaning will prolong the life of company assets, such as carpets, flooring, and furniture. If neglected and not cleaned correctly and often enough, these items will need to be replaced more frequently. The cost of regular cleaning and janitorial services is less than the cost to replace these items regularly.

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, there are many important reasons to invest in quality janitorial cleaning services. It will give all those who visit your office a positive first impression and help to foster a good relationship with clients, suppliers, and business partners.

It will enhance your employees’ experience, make them more engaged in their work and give them a sense of pride in the company. Productivity will increase, staff turnover will decrease, and sick days will be reduced.

Company assets will last longer and need to be replaced less often. The office will always look, feel, and smell clean and hygienic. All these factors will have a direct impact on the bottom line of the company.

Create a great first impression for those who visit your office by using iNX. Give the company a call and its representatives will explain their unique professional approach to office cleaning.

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