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Is Your Restroom Maintenance a #1 or #2?

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It sounds a bit harsh but take a good look at your restrooms and see if they are clean, hygienic, and pleasant-smelling. If not, you have a major problem. If you are using a quality commercial janitorial cleaning company, they should be exceptionally clean. If this is not the case, you need to do something about is as a matter of urgency.

A dirty restroom could spell disaster for your company. The clear majority of people will turn away from a business if its restrooms are unpleasant and most never return. You can’t afford to lose business over a dirty restroom.

Many companies invest in cleaning and janitorial services and focus on first impressions, only to neglect the restrooms. This is a major mistake that could have a serious negative effect on your business.

While first impressions are extremely important, it is the attention to detail that will form a lasting impression. All the hard work in the entrance and reception will soon be forgotten if the restrooms are untidy or smell unpleasant. Nobody wants to see a dirty restroom and your company will be judged on its appearance.

Your office or facility restrooms are busy areas and normally staff, as well as customers and others, use them all day. Sadly, there are those people who do not treat them very well. Even when people do not misuse the restrooms, they can and will still get dirty and untidy rather quickly. Keeping them spotlessly clean and hygienic has to be one of the top priorities of the commercial janitorial cleaning company. Not only can an unhygienic restroom be a significant health risk for visitors and staff, it is a surefire way to keep people away from your business permanently.

When not cleaned correctly and often enough, restrooms are a perfect breeding ground for harmful germs and bacteria. These could have significant health consequences for those who use the restrooms.

Customers and other visitors to your building, as well as staff, will be exposed to these germs and run the risk of picking up infections. Internally, this could lead to unhealthy staff members and more sick days. Morale will be negatively affected and productivity will be low. External visitors, such as customers, business partners, and guests, could also get sick.

Why Restrooms Get Neglected

There are several reasons restrooms get neglected. Some business owners and janitorial cleaning services companies simply neglect them or do a very basic clean. This is perhaps because they are not as highly visible as other parts of the office or because they are perhaps not the most pleasant areas to clean. Some just do not appreciate how quickly they can become dirty and unhygienic.

Many studies have been done to determine the public’s feelings on dirty restrooms. These prove that more than 90 percent of people will form a lasting negative opinion on a company with dirty restrooms and many will not return based purely on this. It is no good investing in a cleaning and janitorial services company to keep your office or facility clean if it is going to fail on this crucial aspect of the job.

You need a janitorial cleaning services company that understands and appreciates the importance of this aspect of the job. The restrooms must be visibly clean, as well as hygienic and smelling pleasant. Any visible dirt or soil is unacceptable. An unpleasant odor is equally unacceptable. Special attention needs to be placed on toilets, drains, and floors. Other areas, such as mirrors, faucets, doors, door handles, and walls, are also important.

A good janitorial services company will pay attention to all details and guarantee they are clean and free of germs and bacteria.

Restroom cleaning is not rocket science but does take dedication, as well as the right training, skills, and equipment. While many think of restroom cleaning as an unpleasant task, the commercial janitorial cleaning company with the right skills and equipment will have no problem. It will efficiently clean restrooms so that they sparkle, smell pleasant, and are hygienic.

While the cleaning and janitorial services company can’t be there 24/7, it is up to the company to keep an eye on the facilities. While a business does not need to scrub and clean, its staff can keep an eye out for litter, unflushed toilets, and spills on the floor. If the janitorial services company does a deep clean and sanitizes daily, as well as intermittent spot cleanups, this should suffice.

Garbage cans should never be overflowing, and soap dispenses, toilet paper, and other consumables should be topped up regularly. Internal staff should observe these, as well as the general cleanliness. If it is not up to scratch, they should immediately address this with the cleaning and janitorial services company. Regular inspections and good communication will ensure you are getting the service you are paying for.

clean restrooms commercial janitorial professional cleaning company los angeles

Create a Checklist & Timesheet

One way to guarantee the restrooms are cleaned and sanitized to the required standards is to use a time-based checklist. This way, the cleaner will sign off on the time he or she cleaned the facility. You can implement a checklist of all areas that need to be cleaned and how often. This way, you will know who is responsible for the cleaning, when he or she cleaned it, and what was done. If there is any lapse in service, it is easy to determine who is responsible. It will give you something to measure against, and corrective measures can be taken if the results are not satisfactory.

Restroom cleaning requires special knowledge and skills. Experience in this type of cleaning is important. Use of the correct cleaning materials and techniques, combined with the necessary knowledge, means it is not a major task. A competent janitorial cleaning services company should have no difficulty in correct and hygienic restroom cleaning. Make sure you work with the right company and never allow your restroom to be a No. 2.

iNX has a wealth of experience in all types of commercial cleaning and restrooms are no challenge for the company. iNX takes pride in its work and will leave your restrooms in tip-top condition. To learn more about its services, give the people at iNX a call and let them explain why their services are second to none.

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