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Surviving Janitorial Budget Cuts with Smart Cleaning

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We often hear the expression that we need to work smarter not harder. These days, many companies are scrambling to do both in order to survive and turn a profit. This is true of most businesses, both large and small, in the United States and around the world. One industry that is being severely affected by these ongoing and rigorous budget cuts is the janitorial cleaning services business. Often, these businesses are one of the first expenses companies consider terminating when trying to reduce costs. Often, this decision comes back to bite them.

Budget Pressure

As companies rapidly tighten their belts and purse strings against an uncertain future, rising import costs, labor regulations and increasing competition, changes have to be made. Senior staff from every department are being asked to do the impossible: achieve more with less. This requires some clever thinking. All departments are being asked to bring expenses down, often by a considerable amount, yet still deliver the same, if not more, output.

Companies have to be lean and mean in order to survive and expense reduction is a major priority for many companies at present. Where are these savings going to come from? We have already seen the steady decline of the expense account over the past two decades and the previously regular three-martini lunch is all but a thing of the past.

The first place companies look to reduce costs is “luxuries.” This could include everything from expense accounts to lavish office parties and local and international travel to staff cuts. They also start to negotiate fiercely with all suppliers in order to squeeze the best possible price out of them.

Outsourced services are also an area that many organizations look at to reduce expenses. “Bring it in-house, we can do it ourselves” is often the thinking. This does not always have the best results, however. The main reason most people outsource is to reduce costs. Using experienced experts frees staff members up to focus on their key responsibilities. But, when looking at services to terminate, they might look at outsourced consultants, auditors, labor advisers, IT vendors and even something as seemingly insignificant as janitorial cleaning services.

While cost cutting is a necessary, important and often urgent reality, it must be done wisely. They will need to box clever. For example, a company might decide to terminate the contract with the janitorial cleaning services company, and delegate the task of cleaning to existing staff members. Surely, this will save money.

It could well spell disaster for several reasons. The staff members who must now clean will be immediately demoralized. They will be unhappy and unlikely to do a good job. And, because they have other responsibilities as well, their productivity may decline. The effects are more widespread than just those individuals, however.

Part of the reason you outsourced was to get professionals who are experienced and knowledgeable. Staff members from a professional cleaning company have the training, skills, and experience to do a quality job. Cleaning goes way beyond simple dusting and mopping. The staff members who begrudgingly take on the task of cleaning are unlikely to have these skills and experience. As a result, the general cleanliness of the entire facility will rapidly decline. This will lead to a decrease in morale and productivity for all staff members. They will take less pride in their workplace, which will carry over into their work. Customers or visitors to the company will see the negative results of the lack of cleaning, and will get a poor first impression. This could jeopardize the reputation of the company.

The Solution – Smart Cleaning

While a good professional cleaning company might not be able to solve all your cost-cutting problems, it will allow you to maintain the standards without spending any more money. You might possibly even spend less. Through necessity, with a bit of help from technology, the more enlightened cleaning companies have adapted to these trends and pressures in the market, and have adapted accordingly. Their solution is smart cleaning. This has made them more efficient and able to do more with less. It is not an easy process and it is difficult for the new or smaller janitorial company to implement. Smart cleaning will allow those companies that embrace it to still deliver first-class cleaning without having to continuously raise prices. This will make them more affordable to clients who are desperately trying to reduce their own costs.

commercial janitorial company los angeles

What Is Smart Cleaning?

Out of necessity, the better janitorial cleaning services companies have had to adapt their approach and make changes in order to stay competitive and remain affordable to their clients. Based on many years of experience and a deep understanding of the requirements and processes, many cleaning and janitorial services companies have developed a smart-cleaning practice. This has enabled them to work more efficiently and decrease man-hours. Labor is the single biggest cost for any cleaning company. So, any methods or technologies that can reduce this will have a significant impact on its costs.

Smart cleaning will also require some interaction between the client and the professional cleaning company to determine the most cost-effective schedule so the area will be kept clean with the least amount of time and labor. Without lowering standards, some areas do not have to be cleaned as regularly as other areas do. It is a question of determining the cleaning priorities.

Technology is an important part of smart cleaning, and leading companies in the cleaning and janitorial services space are investing in the latest cleaning devices, including automated equipment. Many of these robotic cleaners are extremely fast and efficient and save many man-hours. The technology is evolving and rapidly improving, and, over time, this will become an increasingly important factor in providing affordable janitorial cleaning services.

For a smart, affordable solution to your need for janitorial cleaning services, speak to iNX. Staff members will advise you of their tailor-made solutions and how you can still keep your facility clean and stay within budget.

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