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Are You Tired of Managing In-House Cleaning Staff in Your Medical Office?

Medical office cleaning can help professionals focus on what matters most: the health of the patients.

Many medical offices end up cleaning their own offices and rooms because they know the sanitation of the premises is incredibly important, and many typical medical office cleaning companies will sometime cut corners when cleaning even small offices. Having members of your medical personnel clean up the office takes their focus off their real jobs and may lead to having to hire more people to cover just the cleaning. Buying the proper cleaning equipment, products, and chemicals can be very expensive when you are cleaning on a level that is medically required. Those extra employees cost money, too. They need benefits, 401ks, health insurance, and paid time off. And, you must pay them for a job that can be handled by a commercial cleaning service.

You shouldn’t have to buy industrial strength chemicals or equipment. You are running a medical office, not a cleaning business. Concentrate on patients, bedside manner, and core competencies within your practice. Additionally, in-house janitorial services can be riskier and costlier than just providing employee benefits. Background checks, OSHA requirements, insurance, and liability are all reasons that hiring a medical office cleaning service can really serve you in saving money and your reputation in the long run.

Medical office cleaning requires an entirely different vault of knowledge than typical office cleaning, and we take pride in knowing the importance of sanitation alongside cleanliness. Lack of the proper technology and techniques can affect your building efficiency and maintenance, as well as put the health of patients at risk because of incomplete or inadequate cleaning that can leave your company liable.

By switching your in-house staff to our cleaning services, we take the liability and stress off you. We handle every element related to management and operations of the staff coming to your office. Recruiting, screening, hiring, extensive training, and supplies/equipment procurement is all handled by us. There are no benefits, 401ks, or health insurance to worry about either.

Our cleaning methods are extensive and effective. We clean from top to bottom so that, as we clean, dust, dirt, and debris will fall and be cleaned up as we make our way down. Unlike typical medical office cleaning services that use feather dusters, which just push dust around and knock it into the air, we use damp dusting, microfiber cloths, or dusting chemicals and repellents suited to your needs. Your floors will be scheduled routinely for cleaning and we can clean them daily, weekly, monthly, or whenever you need them routinely scheduled. A routine schedule is optimal when running a medical office because of all the germs that come through on a routine basis. We wipe down all floors, counters, and tables, as well as windows that just attract fingerprints, smudges, and marks.

At iNX Building Maintenance, we use top notch equipment that allows us to do our job more effectively and diligently than your typical mop and bucket.

Tennant V-WA-30 Wide Area Vacuum
This vacuum cleans a 30-inch-wide section of carpet with a low profile and a four-stage HEPA filtration system. It carries an impressive 45-quart capacity and can clean up to 14,000 square feet an hour.

Tennant S9 Wide Area Sweeper
This self-propelled sweeper can clean an area 35 inches wide and can clean up to 23,630 square feet. This machine can easily maneuver those corners we were talking about with dual side brushes already attached. This is a workhorse for janitorial services and is a lovely addition to clearing main walkways leading into your business.

Tennant i-mop XL Scrubber
This walk-behind scrubber with dual-head brushing lets you clean with free movement and ease of use. The scrubbers reach out 18 inches and can hold up to a gallon of cleaning solution. It is made not only to clean but also for the professional cleaner.

Choosing iNX Building Maintenance for your medical office cleaning needs saves you the headache of searching for, vetting, and training your own employees. It also saves you from having to supply paid time off, 401K, health insurance, etc. Comparatively, in the long run, choosing iNX is more cost effective for your office.

Your employees won’t have to worry about cleaning every surface of the medical office. They can instead focus on patients and their jobs instead of scrubbing down every toilet or exam room.
You won’t have to worry about who will clean what, and that will allow you and your employees to focus on what you need to.

The risk of having your own employees working and cleaning your office will be eliminated. There will be no liability on your part or insurance risks because of negligent cleaning or falls from slippery mopping. We only employ people who have excellent attention to detail and who treat medical office cleaning as important as your employees do. They take the safety and healthiness of your patients to heart and make sure every surface is sanitized. We can handle all the risks for you and give you a clean and bright office you can be proud of.

PS: If you’re wondering how you can eliminate the stress of handling your own janitorial needs at your medical office, call iNX today.

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