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Untrained and/or Unsupervised Staff

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Are They Breaking Things? Not Cleaning Things Correctly?

Many business organizations view staff training as an expense that they could do without rather than as an investment. These same organizations also tend to allow their staff to work unsupervised. Clearly, their focus is on cutting costs. If your company is one such organization, then stop and think. You may not have given it much thought, but it’s possible things are not running as smoothly as they should. Is your cleaning staff breaking things? Are the staff members not cleaning things correctly? If they are not doing their jobs properly, then maybe you should consider outsourcing your cleaning.

Untrained and unsupervised staff will inevitably goof up because they lack the knowledge and skills to use company resources properly. This will result in a lot of waste that is entirely avoidable and, ultimately, affects your relationship with your customers. In his book “The Great Principle of Management,” business author Michael Leboeuf writes if you believe training is expensive, then you don’t know the cost of ignorance. He further states companies that have the loyalty of their employees invest heavily in training programs. Take your janitors, for example. Likely, most have not received any training. You should either train them or outsource the cleaning to a commercial cleaning Los Angeles company.

Here are the disadvantages of having untrained staff and/or allowing them to work unsupervised:

1. Increased Expenses

Untrained and unsupervised employees are either ignorant of the proper procedures or tend to ignore procedures. Therefore, they often break, damage or spoil furniture, equipment, products, and important documents. Their faulty work and unskilled use of equipment and products can result in accidents and injuries. The unnecessary expenses that can result from their incompetence and lack of professionalism include compensation to customers for defective products, cost of medical treatment for employees who are injured, compensation paid to personal injury claimants, and the cost of fighting personal injury claims and lawsuits.

As you can see, the costs of substandard work done by untrained and supervised employees can be very high. If your janitors are not trained, you should either train them or hire a commercial cleaning company, like iNX, to do the job.

2. Unhappy Customers

Customers always expect the highest quality products and services their money can buy. Since it’s their hard-earned money, they have the right to want the best. But, untrained and supervised staff lack the knowledge and skills to produce high-quality products or to provide a satisfactory quality of service. This results in unhappy customers who may defect to your competitors if you fail to take remedial actions immediately. Most customers are a creature of habit. If you can keep them happy, they will stick with you even if they must walk a mile. But, make them unhappy and they will quietly abandon you, never to return.

If you don’t want to lose your customers, then you must make sure your employees know how to do their jobs properly. Untrained janitors often leave much to be desired because of their lack of knowledge and skills. The solution is to either train them or hire a good commercial cleaning company.

3. Time Wasted in Hunting for Solutions

Untrained employees often spend a lot of time hunting for solutions rather than doing productive work, thus wasting time and resources in the process. Then, they go on to do more harm by coming up with an incorrect solution based on their ill-informed research. This is a common scenario in organizations where staff members are not trained and/or properly supervised. Thus, an untrained and unsupervised staff member not only wastes valuable time, he or she will also cause a lot of damage because of his or her ignorance.

There is a very simple solution to this problem: staff training. It doesn’t cost much to train your janitors. But, if you can’t spare the time and resources, there is a better solution. Outsource you cleaning to iNX Building Maintenance Solutions. We train and educate our janitors on every aspect of cleaning.

4. Distracting Other Employees

Employees who are not trained or supervised often distract their colleagues by asking for help. Whenever a problem arises, there will be several employees trying to solve it: one employee whose job it is to solve the problem and other employees who should be doing their own jobs. This is not cooperation. It’s a waste of time and resources. By not being able to do their own jobs, untrained and unsupervised employees prevent other employees from doing theirs. Ultimately, it affects your company’s productivity.

If you notice your janitors unnecessarily asking other employees for help, it means they lack training. You can prevent this from happening by hiring only trained janitors. Most people looking to be employed as janitors, however, do not bother to get training. So, a better solution would be to hire a commercial cleaning company, iNX Building Maintenance Solutions.

5. Decrease in Productivity

A direct result of an untrained or unsupervised staff is a decrease in productivity. One may not notice it, but the decrease can be substantial. It can even lead to losses and bankruptcy. Many organizations are dragged down by inept employees and a management that either turns a blind eye or is itself incapable of finding a solution. Such organizations tend to invest heavily in expensive solutions while all they need is a team of trained employees who can do their job properly.

If you are seeing a productivity decrease in your organization, look at your employees. Are they properly trained and supervised? If the answer is no, then invest in training programs. If your janitors are not doing a stellar job, then make sure to hire trained janitors. A better solution, however, would be to hire a commercial cleaning company.

Closing Thoughts

Lastly, a few words of wisdom. Cleaning may not be on the list of your priorities, but it is one of the most important things. It takes a lot of time and resources you should be devoting to your core business. Consider hiring a commercial cleaning company like iNX instead. It will ultimately save you money, time, and trouble.

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