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Scope of Work

Precision matters.  We either develop a scope of work based on your desired outcome, or build a scope based on the options and requirements you’ve already developed.  A highly detailed scope of work (SOW) serves as the basis for training, supervision, and quality assurance.


The definition of professionalism (per Merriam-Webster) is “the skill, good judgment, and polite behavior that is expected from a person who is trained to do a job well”.  We understand that consistency is the result of training and repetition, and use in-field training programs and software to deliver and track staff training.


In today’s workplace, more so than ever before, safety is of the utmost concern.  Whether it’s deploying proper signage to help avoid slip-and-falls, barriers to block access to areas being serviced or personal protective equipment to protect workers, we emphasize safety in everything we do.  PPE, IIPP, blood-borne pathogens, Hazmat handling, and emergency procedures are covered in every training we perform.


The challenge of janitorial lies in how to supervise diverse groups of personnel.  Whenever economically feasible we deploy site supervisors, especially with larger crews. In small-crew environments we emphasize the use of owner/operators who have a vested interest in maintaining customer satisfaction.  We use timekeeping technology to manage crew deployment, and geo fencing to ensure accurate staff reporting.

Quality Assurance

Because supervisors can’t be everywhere, we use quality assurance to measure how well processes are being followed.  QA is an important element in the training process as it closes the loop.  QA feedback is essential to improving and maintaining cleaning consistency.

QA Audits

It’s important to audit processes to ensure compliance.  We audit a portion of all QA reports to ensure accuracy and consistency in measuring quality.  You might say that we’re sticklers for QA – it’s what makes iNX unique within our industry.


Using the right tools makes a difference.  Not only is professional equipment more reliable, it’s more efficient.  Efficiency is important because it saves labor hours, reducing cost of service, and reduces labor fatigue, facilitating better work quality.

Chemical Usage

We only use non-toxic cleaners and cleaning solutions to protect both staff and building occupants.  When requested we use only certified green cleaning products.  These products often cost a little more because of the additional testing necessary for certification, but the cost differential is often minimal.

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