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Is Your Janitorial Company Failing to Deliver Clean Restrooms for Your Office?

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Have you ever been to a meeting with a potential supplier and just before you go into their grand presentation, you ask to use the restroom only to find it in a shocking state? No matter how wonderful the presentation, chances are, the image of the messy bathroom will be playing in the back of your mind through the meeting, leaving you wondering what type of janitorial services the company uses to leave the restrooms in such a state. Sadly, this is a far too common occurrence.

The restrooms can have either a positive or negative effect on the perception of staff, customers and or visitors towards your business based on the conditions they are in. Nothing is worse than having to use a restroom and getting assaulted by an array of sights and odors that are offensive.

Janitorial services are not just for visitors but internal staff too

From a team point of view, it affects morale and may contribute to staff turnover or sick days.
A customer or visitor, on the other hand, is vital to your businesses success. He or she will leave your premises feeling dirty and won’t forget the unpleasant experience, and may even post it on social media. In today’s high-pressure business world, no company can af-ford such negative feedback.

So, is your janitorial company delivering the service you need to reflect a positive image? A random inspection of the restroom facilities will give you an idea if the cleaning compa-ny is up to the task and taking its job and your needs seriously.


Using a checklist that gets signed and having the facilities checked regularly by the super-visors, is an excellent way to ensure the job is complete. Many companies are offering commercial janitorial cleaning in Los Angeles, but are you getting what you are paying for?

What to look for during a restroom inspection

A fresh smelling bathroom does not necessarily mean it is clean. A quick spray and a wet wipe is not going to impress anyone. On inspection, look for the following:

  • Are the floors dirty and need to be mopped or are they still wet, which poses a risk to staff and customers?
  • On inspection, are there any visible signs of dirt on the walls of the restroom or stalls?
  • Check if the garbage cans are emptied on a regular basis and lined with a disposable bag?
  • Are sanitary disposal containers full or are they clean and functional?
  • Do the various door handles feel sticky and are the areas around them clean?
  • Any underlying smells or odors detected?
  • Are the sinks and counter tops wet or dirty?
  • Inspect the plugs, are they free of debris, enabling water to escape freely?
  • Are the mirrors clean, or are they smudged and speckled with dirt?
  • Check if there are fresh cakes in the urinals and are all the soaps and washing sup-plies well-kept and fully stocked?
  • Some restrooms use automated air freshener dispensers. Have they been refilled and are they fully functional?

If any of the points mentioned are below your expectations, then you should have a conversation with your cleaning company to discuss your expectations.

Determine the professionalism of the cleaning service

With your busy schedule, you want peace of mind that your business is cleaned profession-ally without having to look over the staff’s shoulders regularly. You want your janitorial company to get it right the first time every time.

Some of the key points to ensure your cleaning and janitorial services company is committed to quality and professionalism:

  • Does the cleaning service screen its employees?
  • Is on-site training provided?
  • Does it have the right tools for the tasks it has been given to ensure your premises are kept clean to the highest standards?
  • Are the latest in cleaning technologies for optimum efficiency?
  • Your janitorial service may work at night, so check that it has systems in place for 24-hour communication.
  • Because of the risks involved after hours, does it adhere to your security needs?
  • In case of an emergency, does the cleaning service have access to additional staff at a moment’s notice?
  • How about frequent on-site inspections to ensure it is delivering the best possible service?
  • Are systems and procedures in place to always deliver the highest quality service?
  • Does it offer green office cleaning services and adhere to the cleaning industry’s best practices?


Technology in the cleaning industry that INX’s uses

To assist you and your janitorial company to receive the best possible feedback from staff and customers alike, a handy tool called “Happy or not” can be installed at the exit of the restrooms affording the user the opportunity to rate the cleanliness of the facilities they have just used. The device has four smiley face icons, two green and two red faces which the user can press to express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the service provided. The data “Happy or not” provides can help determine the peak times the restrooms are used in to determine the optimum schedule for cleaning.

Tips when hiring janitorial cleaning services

Depending on the business you run or the facilities you manage, choosing the right janitorial services based on your needs is crucial. You want to project a well-organized and professional image to those who frequent the establishment, whether its staff or customers. It is an important decision to make, and there are several key factors you should keep in mind before choosing a janitorial service.

• How long has the business been operating?

A cleaning company that has been serving for many years shows it is in it for the long haul and are serious about its commitment to providing the best possible service.

• Does the company have a good reputation?

Ask the prospective cleaning company for three or more references. Take the time to con-tact those references and get an idea of the quality of service the janitorial company pro-vides. Were they happy with the service and professionalism provided?

• What services do they provide?

Does the company provide an all-around service that includes internal and external clean-ing? Rather than having to use two different cleaning companies, look for one that can provide both. This will save you money over time.

• Are strict hiring practices in place?

The cleaning staff will be working in your business or facility, and often they may be ex-posed to sensitive equipment or data while on the premises. Ensure that the cleaning com-pany you choose has the right screening and training for its staff.

• Is the cleaning staff well-equipped?

The equipment the janitorial company brings on-site should be well-maintained and ser-viced to ensure a high standard of cleaning. They should also have the right tools for the job. The company should always have enough cleaning and restroom supplies and different waste-disposal packaging, so you are never out of products.

• Is adequate supervision in place?

The janitorial cleaning services company should have full-time management and supervi-sion at their disposal at any given time to carry out site inspections and maintain a high level of quality control. These staff members should be on-call to attend to any situation that might arise.

• Permanent admin and cleaning staff

A professional janitorial company with a high staff turnover cannot possibly provide high-quality service to your business. Look for a company that has permanent long-term staff in all facets of the business, whether it is managerial, administrative or cleaning.
Your business or facility needs to be as clean and hygienic as possible so you can concen-trate on your business.

Does your current cleaning provider pass the happy or not test? If not, give us a call!

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