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Day Porters services: What They Are & Why You Need One

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A question a janitorial company gets all of the time is “what does a day porter service provide and how can we benefit from them?”

A day porter’s chief responsibility is to ensure that your facility is clean, presentable and appealing at all times during the day.

Here are some of the key tasks a day porter service provides:

  • Maintaining the lobby of the business
  • The clearing up of trash or debris in and around the premises
  • Keeping the restrooms clean and restocking the supplies whenever necessary
  • Ensuring the cafeteria and or break rooms are clean before and after use
  • Preparation of boardrooms before important meetings and cleaning after use
  • Minor day to day maintenance such as replacing flickering or burnt out light bulbs
  • Attend to spills and breakages to prevent accidents
  • Ensure that all common areas of the building or facility are clean at all times
  • Arranging and scheduling various maintenance issues with the buildings service contractors
  • Attend to other tasks requested by staff or clients within reasonable parameters

Do you need a day porter service?

Janitorial services usually do the maintenance of your building at night. It’s always a welcoming sight coming to your office building in the morning to a clean and well-presented company. But over the course of the day, there is no guarantee that various mishaps will not take place. Having staff run around tending to the little or large issues that may crop up will disrupt work flow and lead to dissatisfaction of the staff and possibly your clients.

Having your professional cleaning service provide you with a screened and selected day porter service to ensure the upkeep, maintenance and cleanliness of your office during the day will ensure you will not need to think about the daily appearance of your business. This will give you peace of mind that when you have visitors or clients on site, the first impres-sion will be a lasting one, allowing you to focus on your day to day tasks.

The daily porter service and duties are based on your needs

First and foremost, the day porter is there to bridge the gap between you and your scheduled janitorial services. Establishing the functions, you wish the day porter to perform with your janitorial services company ahead of time will ensure that the job description of the person performing the day porter duties will provide a clear set of goals they are to reach on a daily basis.

Create a list of duties with your janitorial company

With the help of your janitorial services company take the time to put together a schedule of tasks for your day porter. Your requirements will go a long way in assisting the janitorial company in finding the right individual suited to your day porter needs. The day porter will be working with you and your staff on a daily basis, and it is important that he or she be the perfect fit for your business, providing vital services to both the staff and the overall well-being of the company.

Qualities to look for in your day porter services

  • The day porter should have the skills and knowledge of various cleaning techniques to meet your needs
  • Understand the importance of cleanliness in public areas and restrooms and to at-tend to the tasks at hand with the minimum amount of disruption to the work flow of the staff
  • Have access to good quality cleaning equipment and materials with a thorough knowledge of how to use them
  • The day porter should be capable of rudimentary maintenance if and when needed
  • Have excellent communication skills to escalate and inform when necessary to both staff and company representatives

day porter service janitorial services janitorial company janitorial services company

A successful day porter service

For your day porter service to be successful in fulfilling your needs, one of the most valua-ble tools at your disposal is communication. Having an established job description and cleaning schedule agreed to by yourself and the janitorial company is necessary.

However, the day porter may find themselves being inundated by requests from various staff members from different departments to attend to other tasks not necessarily on the schedule and you may find that essential tasks are not being completed on time or at all.

To avoid these kinds of situations, it is advisable to limit the amount of interaction from staff with the day porter and assign a team member or two as the go between to com-municate the various issues with the day porter service representative.

With the correct levels of communication, your day porter will be successful in carrying out their duties with confidence and prioritize their work load ensuring the best possible ser-vice delivery for your company.

Direct communication with your day porter is necessary, but keep in mind they are em-ployees of the janitorial services company you use. If there are significant issues or tasks you wish to address, discuss it with your janitorial services company so they can make any changes to routine or staffing immediately.

A day porter service adds that extra bit of professionalism to your building or facility and helps ensure that the day to day running of the business also provides a clean, presentable and comfortable environment to work in.

If you believe you can benefit from a day porter service, consider giving us a call, and we will be more than happy to provide a tailor made service for your needs!

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