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Are You Paying Too Much For Office Cleaning Services?

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Running an office is no simple task. There is constant pressure on you, and every day brings a new challenge. Just as soon as you manage to get one thing under control, another issue crops up. On top of that, your budgets are shrinking, but your costs seem to be increasing. If you use a professional cleaning company, you are giving yourself one less thing to worry about. The office will always be clean. With the increasing pressure on budgets, you might start to wonder if you are paying too much for this service. How do you know?

You know how important a clean office environment is. People work more efficiently in a clean environment. They are more productive and take more pride in their work, and clients and visitors will have a positive impression. Having a messy or dirty office environment is not the impression you want them to have. You cannot lower your standards when it comes to keeping the office clean, but you need to be sure you are paying the right price.

Price and Value

Determining the right price is not easy. It is not like choosing office paper. A professional janitorial company provides a service that is often hard to compare. You first need to look at your current situation. Look at the original contract and see what was promised. Then, monitor the service for a few days. See what the staff members are doing, where they are cleaning and how well they are cleaning. Have an objective, but critical eye. Are there areas that are lacking? Are they cleaning as well and as often as they should?

Do a thorough evaluation of your existing relationship with your cleaning and janitorial services provider. Are you getting what you paid for? If not, you need to address the issue immediately. You might get the answer to that question, but there is another you must consider: are you paying too much for office cleaning services?

The only way to determine this is to shop around. Get quotes from other commercial janitorial cleaning companies. This is where things start to get confusing. You will probably immediately notice there are many companies competing in this industry. Do they all offer a good service? The simple answer is no. It is a highly competitive market and, for the smaller guys, the barriers to entry are not extremely high. Many people put together a group of workers with a few buckets and mops and have a cleaning company. This does not mean the company will be any good. The small guys must start somewhere. But, it is hard to evaluate their potential or value without a track record.

Evaluating Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Companies

Running a professional cleaning company is not as simple as getting people to wipe down desks and vacuum the rugs. It requires specialized training, skills, and experience. A good professional cleaning company invests in its staff members to ensure they deliver top-notch service every time. Before doing this, the company carefully selects its staff and does thorough background checks. This way, you know you are dealing with a company that is serious about its staff members’ professionalism. Cleaning staff members are often around valuable electronic equipment, stock or confidential information. You don’t want a company with unchecked temporary workers around your office.

Apart from the staff, the company needs to have the correct equipment and cleaning materials. A small startup seldom has the capital to invest in quality equipment. This means the work quality will not be as good and the company will be more reliant on expensive labor. This makes it very difficult for the company to be competitive. Labor is the biggest cost for a professional cleaning company. This should make you very wary of quotes that come in lower than those from more-established companies. Think about how the company will deliver quality service at such a low cost.

Another area that should be investigated and compared are quotes. This can be confusing. You might meet with a few janitorial services companies and receive several quotes. It is often difficult to compare two or more quotes if the company does not specify the services it will deliver, how often and at what cost. If you are not happy with the quote and it is difficult to compare with others, request a more-detailed one. Make sure you get everything in writing. It is too easy for a company to sit in a meeting and promise everything. But, when you don’t get the services you were expecting, it is going to take time and money to find another company. Make sure you get it right the first time. Do not be shy to ask questions or for referrals. You want to hear from similar companies in the area that are happy with the office janitorial services they received. Ask for a detailed plan of how the company intends to clean your office space, so you are clear on exactly what you will be paying for.

Does the company offer any quality assurance? This will give you peace of mind, knowing you are dealing with a company that takes quality seriously and takes measures to guarantee it. Find out about the company’s experience in the industry, its staff, its cleaning methods, and its equipment. Ask the company how workers are supervised and inspected.
This might sound like a lot of work, but getting the right professional cleaning company for a fair price is important. It will be one less thing you will have to deal with, and allow you to manage the rest of the office. Invest the time and effort. Do your homework. Then, you will have the pleasure of knowing your commercial janitorial cleaning needs are taken care of properly at a reasonable price.

For a hassle-free quote that is fairly priced and tailored to your specific needs, give iNX a call. The company has been around for a long time and knows the business. You can rely on the quality service it delivers.

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