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Have Your Office Restrooms Become Smelly Situations?

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Your office should always be neat and clean. Most owners and managers understand and appreciate this. The entire office, from the outside windows to the reception and work areas, needs to be tidy and dirt free. The kitchen and break-rooms also need to be clean. However, the most important areas that always need to be correctly and thoroughly cleaned and sanitized are the restrooms. They must not only look clean, they also need to be germ-free, hygienic and pleasant-smelling. The only way to ensure this is to use a reliable professional cleaning company that specializes in office janitorial services. Don’t have staff members handle the job. This very rarely, if ever, works.

People might forgive a spot of dust on the windowsill or some dirt on the carpet. Most, however, will be highly put off by an offensive-smelling and unclean restroom.
Surprisingly, unclean restrooms are an extremely common issue in many offices. Online forums are littered with complaints about it. Remember, staff, visitors, and clients use these facilities every day. You don’t want a smelly restroom to be what they remember about their visit. This can easily be avoided by using a professional cleaning company.
If the restrooms are dirty, staff members will dread having to use them. This could affect their morale and productivity detrimentally. It could also lead to internal conflict, finger-pointing, and animosity among staff.

Studies show the devastating effects of an unpleasant restroom

The perceptions people form based on the condition of an office restroom have been backed by studies. One by the Bradley Corporation found that well over half of visitors to an office would be unlikely to return if they had an unpleasant restroom experience. These results were reinforced by another study by Reuters. It found a direct link between a loss of business and the poor restroom conditions.

In this competitive economy, no company can afford to lose business because of a smelly restroom. Using the right office janitorial services can help you avoid this.

The challenge of keeping the restroom clean and fresh

Many people still believe janitorial cleaning services simply come in with a mop and a bucket and wipe the area down. The reality is there is a lot more to it. This is evident by the large number of offices that suffer from an unpleasant restroom. If it were that easy, the problem wouldn’t be so common. Getting the restrooms clean and keeping them that way, requires the skill and experience to do a thorough and quality job. If the restroom starts to look a bit grubby and smells unpleasant, immediate and correct action is necessary. The longer the problem remains, the more difficult it will be to get under control. A professional cleaning company has the know-how and correct materials to do the job properly. There are some good products on the market that might work well in your home. However, these restrooms don’t see as much traffic as an office restroom. The right cleaning materials need to be used. The technique is also important.
For the average person, keeping a restroom smelling clean and fresh is a challenge. An experienced office janitorial services company will have no problem with this. It’s all in a day’s work for its staff.

Health risk

In addition to the unpleasant smells, an unhygienic restroom can also pose a health risk. Office janitorial services staff members are trained in best practices and understand how to find the cause of the problem and treat it with the right materials. The company also guarantees all potential areas that could harbor germs, bacteria and odor-causing problems are properly cleaned on a regular basis.

Unhygienic restrooms can lead to the spread of germs and bacteria, which could affect the health of anyone using them. Unhealthy restrooms could lead to increased sick days and have a further negative impact on staff productivity. Simply maintaining clean and hygienic restrooms could save you money

Wet floors and spills in the restroom could cause people to slip and fall, which could increase the risk of you not having a regularly cleaned restroom. Janitorial cleaning services ensure the floors are always clean, dry and safe.

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Getting on top of the problem

If your office already has a problem, it is necessary to do a complete, top-to-bottom clean. This will take time and will involve getting into every nook and cranny. The correct disinfectants and techniques must be used to remove every trace of the offensive matter. A range of specialized chemical disinfectants will be used, and the cleaners will ensure no spot goes uncleaned. Some cleaning agents take time to work, so restrooms will have to be cleaned one at a time. You can’t rush this job.

Once done successfully, it will be easy to perform daily maintenance. How often a restroom is cleaned depends on how often it’s used. Smaller offices with less staff and visitors could have their restrooms cleaned two to three times a day. Busier offices, on the other hand, might need hourly cleaning. The office manager and the janitorial cleaning services representative will create a schedule for regular cleanings, and supervisors will perform periodic inspections to guarantee the correct standards are being maintained.
Depending on traffic, a thorough top-to-bottom cleaning might need to be repeated every few months. This will guarantee the problem doesn’t reoccur.

Keep employees and visitors happy and healthy and guarantee clients’ return
Enlisting the services of a professional cleaning company will take control of the situation and have your restrooms looking and smelling great. The company will ensure the restrooms stay clean and are always hygienic. This will be good for staff, visitors, and clients. It will project a positive image of your organization and ensure you are not losing business.

Do not leave this to chance. Even if there isn’t a problem yet, act immediately. Give the local professionals at iNX a call today and they will explain how their skilled and experienced teams will keep your restrooms gleaming, hygienic and pleasant-smelling. Don’t run the risk of having a smelly restroom bring down your company’s reputation.

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