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Are You Paying Too Much for Industrial Janitorial Services?

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Having a clean work environment is important for any business. But, in the industrial sector, it is crucial, and there are several reasons why. By its very nature, industrial work is messy. It is, therefore, important you have skilled people to keep the area clean. Safety is very important, and a clean work environment is a safe work environment. To guarantee the cleanliness and safety of your workers and visitors, you need the services of a reliable industrial janitorial services company.

A neat and tidy work space will also improve efficiency, productivity and staff morale. It will be a more pleasant place to work. People will also be proud of their workplace, and the quality of the product or service being performed will reflect that.

It is also important to adhere to a host of regulatory and compliance issues and standards. Cleanliness, hygiene, and safety all play a big role in this. Top-class cleaning from a reputable industrial janitorial services company will meet these requirements.

Finding the right janitorial cleaning services company is essential. You need an experienced company with correctly trained staff who are well-equipped and skilled in industrial janitorial services. The staff needs to be well-organized and properly supervised. You want the job to be done well at a fair price. While you are concentrating on your business, the industrial janitorial services company is making sure the place is always clean.

What is a Fair Price?

What exactly is a fair price ? As a business, you do not want to waste money. At the same time, you shouldn’t always go with the lowest bidder. When it comes to service, don’t compromise. A low-cost janitorial cleaning services company will most likely use cheap labor that is poorly trained and inexperienced, budget for low-cost cleaning materials and use substandard equipment.

That is the only way it can compete against and undercut the bigger, more experienced players.

A quality service provided by a reputable and experienced company will cost more, but you will get superior service. The company spends a lot of time, money and effort recruiting and training staff. Its teams are experienced, knowledgeable and well-supervised. It uses the best cleaning products, eco-friendly where possible, and uses the latest quality equipment and cleaning technology to do the job properly. Top cleaning companies are thorough, reliable and dependable.

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It is often difficult to compare apples to apples when looking at quotes and proposals from various industrial janitorial services companies. It is important you do your homework. Cleaning is an important part of your business and you need to make sure the company is up to the job. You can tell a lot by how the meetings are handled and how the company communicates. You can also glean quite a bit from the way it prepares and presents the quote. Did it do a complete walkthrough and discuss the finer details of your facility? Did it specify the details of what will be cleaned, how things will be cleaned and how often? The quote needs to be clear and specific. In cannot be vague. You cannot sign a contract or agree to pay for a service if you do not know exactly what will be done. Companies presenting vague quotes with little detail are either trying to hedge their bets so they can save costs on their side or are too inexperienced to provide accurate quoting. Either should be cause for concern. They could also leave out crucial aspects to their quotes and then add these areas for an additional cost. Scrutinize the quotes carefully and, if you are not happy, move on or ask it to be redone to your satisfaction.

Getting good industrial janitorial services can be an important asset to your business and does not have to cost a fortune. Getting stuck in a contract with a commercial janitorial cleaning company you are not happy with can cause headaches. Avoid this by getting it right the first time. Be thorough and ruthless in your selection.

Look at a company’s reputation online and don’t be afraid to ask for referrals. Get everything in writing in clear, simple language so there is no confusion. The company should deliver a detailed cleaning plan so all parties know what is expected.

Why Size and Experience Matter

While many companies like to support small businesses, this might not always be the best idea when outsourcing your janitorial cleaning services. While the smaller guys are eager to please and often offer very good rates, think about how they can achieve this. With labor being the biggest cost, in order to deliver a cheaper service, they will have to use cheap labor. This will generally mean the staff is not screened or vetted. They are unlikely to have the same amount of experience and training. While the small guys must start somewhere, do you want them to learn while working in your factory, putting the cleanliness, health, and safety of your employees at risk? The second cost is equipment and cleaning materials. The bigger guys buy in bulk; they know what works and what does not work, and they know where to buy it. The smaller janitorial cleaning services lack this knowledge. Bigger players in the commercial janitorial cleaning business are also investing in the latest equipment and technology that can reduce labor costs and clean faster and more effectively. They can only perform certain functions at this point, but there are already savings that can be achieved. A small business cannot invest in this technology, so it must depend on expensive human labor.

Another important saving the more experienced companies can achieve is a more logical and efficient cleaning plan. This is something that is developed over years. By reducing the time it takes to clean, the company can save in the cost of labor.

If you are looking for outstanding service at a fair price, give iNX a call today. Let staff members discuss with you how they can provide quality service at a reasonable price.

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