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Healthy Cleaning Programs

We Save YOU Money with Our Healthy Cleaning Methods

Our staff is trained to properly clean and sanitize your facility to prevent illness and accidents. How does this save you money? Well, according to ISSA, sick employees can cost you a staggering amount of time and money:

  • 7 sick days per employee per year = $225.8 billion per year
  • Unplanned absences cause a 54% decrease in productivity and output and a 39% drop in sales and customer service
  • Employees with cold and flu symptoms experience a 3-8% overall loss in performance
  • Exposure to dust affects workers’ cognitive skills by 2-6%

It’s easy to see how illnesses and accidents directly affect your bottom line. If you reduce employee illnesses with proper cleaning and sanitizing, though, your company will experience the following benefits:

  • Reduced health issues associated with poor cleaning practices and substandard cleanliness
  • Less liability through proper risk mitigation of potentially hazardous work conditions
  • Greater productivity from healthy employees
  • Improved employee retention


Improving Employee Health and Safety

Surface Cleaning

We make sure to carefully clean all the surfaces that your employees come in contact with on a regular basis. Many objects, such as computer mice and keyboards, landline phones, door handles, faucets, microwaves, and refrigerators, are vulnerable to contamination by harmful bacteria. Our cleaning staff will leave no stone unturned and no computer mouse un-sanitized.

Air Safety

Indoor air quality is often overlooked, but poor air quality can be a major source of health problems. Airborne illnesses are a concern, as well as dust and airborne debris. Our professional cleaners will ensure your air quality is held to a high standard for the health of your employees and anyone else who enters your facility.

We use hospital-grade, HEPA/ULPA filtration vacuuming and careful dusting methods to make sure your air is dust free, and during flu season, we can clear the air with a state-of-the-art H2O2 fogger to safely eliminate pathogens and stop the spread of airborne illness.

Floor Safety

According to the National Safety Council, falls lead to nine million visits to the emergency room each year. Slip and fall incidents result in missed work and lots of expenses for your business.

At iNX, we safeguard against these types of accidents by using NSFI-approved floor care products and neutral pH cleaners that significantly increase co-efficient of friction (COF). Studies show that increased COF reduces employee slips and falls by as much as 20 percent. Our customers see major savings on workers’ compensation insurance, liability insurance and legal costs.

We’re committed to eco-friendly, green cleaning!

Green cleaning is healthier for the planet and healthier for humans, too! Click here to learn more about our commitment to eco-friendly methods and products.

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