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iNX Model

The iNX model emphasizes centralized account management with oversight over an independent service contractor network.  The key to our success is our independence.  Until you’ve experienced iNX, it’s hard to fathom just how much of a difference a subtle change in approach can have on cleaning.

Why Other Models Don’t Work

Traditional Janitorial Operators – Because contractor profits are directly impacted by profit margins they characteristically emphasize reducing costs as a means to increasing profitability.  Unfortunately, in reducing operating costs they often end up reducing service quality.  Most janitorial service buyers have experienced the ebb and flow of janitorial, where things start off well, and as time passes the quality of service begins to decrease (as the contractor begins to decrease labor hours).  Once the contractor begins to receive complaints they increases labor to resolve issues, but are driven back to reducing costs in order to maintain higher profitability.  It’s an endless cycle that frustrates and infuriates buyers.

Franchise Janitorial Systems – Back in 1974 Jani-King pioneered the franchise cleaning concept.  The franchise model works under the theory that individual franchises can provide superior service because they are more invested in the outcome.  Unfortunately, like other janitorial operators, franchise operators are still economically induced to reduce costs in the name of increased profitability.  Consequently the end result is the same, namely fluctuating service quality.

How the iNX Model Excels

The iNX model makes account management its core.  We refer to our account management as our HUB, since this is the central feature to our business.  All information flows into and out of HUB.

iNX’s management is independent from our service providers, both economically and legally.  Our profit margins are fixed by our franchise relationship with our contractor network.  As a result our profits are not tied to operating efficiencies of the contractor.

What separates us from our franchise competitors is how involved we are in customer satisfaction.  Instead of handing-off the client relationship, our centralized HUB keeps our hand on the pulse of the customer.  As customer needs arise we document every step, from timekeeping to project notes – and keep everyone in the loop.

Our franchise network uses a unified system for tracking all data including timekeeping, service requests, quality assurance, and issue resolution.  Our customers know us on several levels because they talk and email with their iNX Account Manager, see our Operations Manager and General Manager in the field, and work with the Franchise Operator and their crew.

iNX is like nothing you’ve experienced before – we take cleaning the next level.

Key Differentiators

  • Independence – We’re independent from our franchise network, and always on the customer’s side. We use our systems and processes to help make sure our customers are happy, and work closely with our franchisees to help them develop customer service excellence.
  • Account Management – Every customer gets a dedicated customer manager that can answer any billing question, coordinate services, resolve issues, order supplies, and document every transaction and communication.
  • Transparency – We pride ourselves on remaining 100% transparent in all our communications with our customers and our franchise operators.
  • Service Quality – We not only measure Quality Assurance, we audit QA results to ensure that they are measured according to our standards.
  • Systems – We use centralized systems to track labor hours, service scheduling, QA scheduling, and QA auditing. The same system is used to track customer satisfaction and track statistical data for senior management review.
  • Chief Customer Officer – We are the only company in our industry to have a Chief Customer Officer responsible for the integrity of our customer data and the satisfaction level of our clients. Our HUB is independent from both our franchise operators and our branch management.  At iNX, when customers communicate with their account manager, they are dealing directly with senior management.
  • Professional Equipment – iNX sales professionals emphasize reducing labor by using the most current labor-saving equipment. Every year our sales staff attends industry shows and exhibitions to learn what’s available, and we scope that equipment into every job we do.  Our equipment philosophy is simple:  the best tools reduce risk and fatigue and result in improved and more consistent results.




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