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Paul LaredoBy Paul Laredo, CEO of iNX: At the age of 14, my very first job was to strip and wax an office floor; my client was my best friend’s father. This was my first taste of janitorial work and my first contact with a customer focused on least-cost service. Later, during college, I was a retail clerk for an up-scale, affluent grocery store where I met customers who demanded quality and attention to detail. It was then that I learned that some customers are willing to pay more to get a higher level of service.

Since that time and throughout my career, first in public accounting and later as Chief Financial Officer for a cable television company in Los Angeles, I continued to study how customers strike a balance between quality and cost.

Today my business viewpoint is simple: Allow the buyer to choose – and help them to do so. The cost/quality decision involves trade-offs along a wide spectrum of available service options, and each point along the spectrum is viable. Clients alone understand their needs and restrictions; the most important task of the contractor is first to gain that understanding. The perfect solution is one that is crafted to balance those needs and limitations.

At iNX our goal is to provide a cleaning solution tailored to each client, and provide a cost-effective service designed to balance needs and expectations against budgetary restrictions, emphasizing that end of the spectrum most important to the customer.

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