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iNX Quality Assurance Process

At iNX, our quality assurance process is at the core of our business. Our goal is to assist our customers as well as we possibly can. We set very high standards for ourselves, and we constantly examine our quality assurance results and work to improve at all times, on every level.

What Is Quality Assurance?

For us, quality assurance (QA) is a systematic process to ensure that our cleaning services continue to meet our standards and requirements. QA helps us to increase customer satisfaction, improve our work processes and efficiency, and stand out from the competition. Our QA process also helps us resolve issues while they’re small, long before they have the chance to turn into disasters. In a nutshell, quality assurance is one of the ways we make sure that we remain the best in the business.


How iNX Achieves Quality

Our QA process has been carefully honed throughout the years. At iNX, quality control is a constant, revolving process. Here’s how we ensure great quality and customer satisfaction:

Periodic Service Inspections

Supervisors can’t be onsite all the time, but that doesn’t mean quality isn’t regulated. Every facility is periodically inspected, and cleaning staff is supervised periodically to ensure standards are being met. The frequency of inspections depends on the facility size and type. Inspections can also be modified to suit a client’s needs.

Quality Assurance Narratives

QA narratives are comprehensive, detailed descriptions that supervisors write up during each facility inspection. These narratives are useful documentation that we keep on file. They help us highlight areas that need improvement so that we can resolve issues quickly and teach and train our staff more effectively.

Staff Feedback

iNX’s closed-loop quality management system is largely dependent on staff feedback. We compile comments from our clients and our supervisors so that we can let our staff know what they’re doing great on, and where they need to improve. That’s how we help our cleaning crews continuously improve their level of service.

Periodic Safety Inspections

We’re very committed to the safety of our clients, the occupants of all our clients’ facilities, and our own staff. We perform periodic safety inspections during the cleaning process to ensure our staff is using proper safety practices and safe, approved cleaning supplies.

Quality Assurance Auditing

Quality assurance is performed independently by each of our franchise operators. Then, iNX Corporate receives and audits the QA reports to ensure they’re accurate and complete.

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