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iNX Training & Management Systems

Training, quality assurance feedback loops, scheduled services, and customer satisfaction surveys are the keys to service quality and consistency in the janitorial industry.  Largely unsupervised on a day-to-day basis, even the most conscientious workers are prone to mistakes and deviations.

In some settings such as large scale facilities, medical environments, and clean rooms, on-site supervision is incorporated into the cost of cleaning.  However the vast majority of sites are cleaned with a minimum of onsite supervision resulting in quality deficiencies and inconsistencies.


iNX has invested heavily in building management systems that emphasizes quality and consistency.  The four key elements to the system are:


  1. Onsite Delivery – Because workers generally report directly to the client’s facility, it’s imperative that training can be delivered remotely. iNX’s training system is video based, and includes comprehension testing to ensure complete understanding of procedures and practices.
  2. Documented – No training system has value unless it can document both participation and comprehension. iNX’s training system documents when each worker was trained, module by module, and their score.
  3. Continuing Education – Some training should be repeated periodically, such as safety, dealing with blood borne pathogens, etc. iNX’s training system schedules continuing education modules for reinforcing critical procedures.
  4. Centralized – To enhance consistency, and allow for continuous updating, iNX’s training system is centralized so each module is current.

Quality Assurance

  1. Periodic Service Inspections – Since supervisors cannot be continuously onsite, it’s imperative that they periodically supervise each facility cleaned. The frequency of inspections is generally dictated by facility size and type, and can be modified to suit the client’s needs.
  2. QA Narratives – Checklists are great for tracking data, but largely useless for training purposes. iNX demands that each QA inspection includes a detailed description of the findings so it can be used to help supervisors show staff specific areas and issues requiring attention.
  3. Staff Feedback – Feedback is the key to closed-loop quality management. iNX’s quality assurance methods are designed to help the cleaning crew continuously improve their level of service.
  4. Periodic Safety Inspections – In order to assess safety practices safety inspections must be performed during the cleaning process. iNX performs surprise inspections to assess proper safety practices and use of approved cleaning supplies.
  5. QA Auditing – Because quality assurance is performed by our franchise operators, iNX corporate independently audits QA reports to ensure accuracy and completeness.

Scheduled Services

  1. Automated – Some services are only performed periodically, such as stripping floors and shampooing carpets. To ensure service delivery iNX schedules all periodic services, and automatically informs clients of upcoming services and upon service completion.
  2. Audited – When scheduled services are complete iNX corporate audits a portion of the completed service orders to ensure proper service delivery.

Customer Satisfaction

  1. Complaint Resolution – In instances where clients have issues, franchisees must visit the customer to ensure that the issue is resolved and/or to inform them on how the issue will be resolved. In addition, the iNX Account Manager or Operations Manager follows up to ensure satisfaction with the outcome
  2. Surveys – iNX corporate surveys clients after every issue and periodic service to ensure satisfaction, and quarterly to determine overall satisfaction.  These scores are automatically entered into our CRM system and tracked on a customer-by-customer basis.  We use these scores to help uncover problems, identify franchises and crews that need additional coaching, and reward outstanding performance.  iNX takes customer satisfaction seriously, and all of our systems are designed to help assess and manage our performance.

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