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Green Cleaning Solutions

Better for Your Health, Better for the Environment

When the green trend hit, iNX jumped right on board. Years later, we’re proud to say that we have committed to providing the best quality, safest, and most environmentally friendly cleaning services to ALL of our clients. Toxic and hazardous chemicals are a thing of the past, and with newer technologies, we are able to clean any surface thoroughly and effectively using greener products! It’s no longer necessary to compromise quality for eco-friendliness.

We use carefully formulated green cleaning products and sustainable resources, and we aim to reduce contaminants that pollute our Earth.

Green Cleaning Solutions is Good for Your Business

Green products can improve indoor air quality by reducing toxins. Scientific research by Harvard, Syracuse University, and SUNY Upstate recently discovered that better indoor air quality increases productivity, make it great for your business. According to the study results, polluted indoor air can cause a reduction in cognitive function, problem solving, and reasoning, while a green building environment directly increases worker productivity!

How We Achieve a Greener Clean:

Green Seal Certified Cleaning Products

At iNX, we use Green Seal certified cleaning products. These products are required to meet rigorous standards for effectiveness, human health and safety, and environmental friendliness. Green Seal has high standards and is committed to promoting the best, most environmentally responsible products.
Green Seal Products We Use:

  • Shimmer Concentrated Restroom/Multipurpose Cleaner
  • Heavy Duty Cleaner Degreaser
  • Pristine High Performance Cleaner/Degreaser
  • Glacier Concentrated Streak-Free Glass & Surface Cleaner
    • Eco-Conscious Cleaning Equipment

      We employ environmentally friendly microfiber dusting cloths and mopping, along with “greener” HEPA filter vacuums and other equipment.

      Greener Paper and Plastic Products

      When restocking your bathrooms and break rooms with paper products or replacing trash can liners, our staff strives to use products that create less environmental waste. Recycled products are available upon request.

      Better Cleaning Techniques

      Our staff is proactive about cleaning. How does that make for a greener environment? If floors and other surfaces can be cleaned before they get too grimy, it’s possible to achieve a thorough clean without the use of chemicals! For example, our staff focuses on vacuuming entryways to capture dirt and contaminants before they get tracked throughout the building, meaning that less cleaning is required throughout the building. If dirt and grime are allowed to build up, stronger cleaners are required; but our proactive approach allows for gentler, safer cleaners all around.

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